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@bcjohnnie said:

Ugh... what.

I hope this is a joke post, but if so, don't clutter up the boards with jokes.

If this isn't a joke, then what the hell.

Not a joke. Can't you read?

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That Batman spoiler happened a week ago by all the press? I feel betrayed by journalists and can't trust them to know common sense. Only CAGcast is left cause they have common sense for spoilers and warnings. I doubt I'll ever read another game preview again too

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Last Sterling review I heard was his Gears 3 8/10 which I thought he was being generous with.

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@thornie said:

It doesn't matter what the Bombsquad has to say about Dark Souls, it's already won the internet's GOTY. Most journalists hate it, every single non journalist with an internet connection and a forum account loves it.


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@WinterSnowblind said:

I love the long QL's, but the bombcast is usually too long for my tastes, I just don't have that kind of time to listen to it usually.

Ironic since one can multitask while listening (surfing the web).

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I just look at the time of QL. If it's 20 min, then the game sucks, if it's longer than they liked it. I now just stick to video previews that show more of the game than GB can in 40 mins in 1/10 the time.

Bombcasts can be as long as they want.

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I still think Wake Island and Gulf of Oman will be the best maps.

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Hawken > every other mech game

The last trailer for Mechwarrior they released does not hold up. All the art assets needs to be redone.

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Wait, I need to be connected online, on consoles, even after redeeming the code?

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at first I thought first 2 replies were trolling