The Comic Commish - June '13

Bienvenido, Mr Roboto, to the monthly Comic Commish here once again to bring more mirth to one's girth, or vice versa. As is now custom, I present a thricefold Premium Feature content proposal for this site's owners to ignore at their peril. This is, as always, to thank magnanimous magnifico @omghisam for sponsoring my Gold membership this year and the purveyors of professional puerility that are the Giant Bomb Crew themselves for making such a thing a thing. Cheers, bombardiers. (Past Comic Commishes can be found yonder: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May.)

Premium Content For Your Premium Contempt

"Endurance Club"

So this is a take on a book club of sorts in which as much of the crew as humanly possible takes up a game that purports to have a multitude of varied means a player could employ to reach its conclusion. This would include games like Deus Ex, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Alpha Protocol and many others (mostly RPGs) that offer very different experiences depending on one's character build. Each week, the crew would reach a certain pre-determined point in their own time (say, a couple of story missions - nothing too taxing on one's time if there's a busy week of content ahead) and discuss the difficulties and/or relative ease of succeeding those missions/quests/etc with their respective character builds. It can either be a brief spoiler podcast type of affair or something like how I've imagined it above, where the remaining Bomber completes their part while the others talk about their own experiences over it. Might be cool to see how much variance these games truly provide. (Tangentially related, but I'd like to see some of the crew take part in next year's Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. Sounds like a lot of daft fun, wish I'd heard about it earlier.)

"The Klepek Speakeasy, 'Klespekeasy'"

This is really just about Patrick staying the course with his semi-recent attempts to breach the impenetrable walls of some of most niche-iest game genres known (or largely unknown, as the case may be) to the medium. With this feature he attempts various "prohibited" (insofar as no-one at Giant Bomb will touch them) games to see if it's really something a casual visitor can break into and enjoy. Will he be completely perplexed by a game's cult appeal, or will it be a dramatic awakening akin to Brad's ongoing and troubling enthrallment with DotA? (The Prohibition angle is my attempt to tie a feature to Chicago, incidentally. We'll miss having you around to QL weird shit, Patrick.)

"Vinny Says"

An episode of Unprofessional Fridays that was like Frobisher Says!, but with Vinny. A Vinny that became an omnipotent tyrant, somehow. I know I'd want to watch it, if only because I'd be compelled to under penalty of some sort of painful and gross transformation. It's a good thing that he just turned Drew into a spider. A very good thing.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I was wondering who blondie with the beard was, but then I realized it's just Super Saiyan Vinny.

Keep up the great work!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I would totally play Final Fantasy V with a gimped party for charity. There's always next year...

Edited by omghisam

Stick figure Patrick is slowly morphing into Home Alone era Daniel Stern.

Posted by EpicSteve

That's pretty solid!

Posted by Turambar

That's pretty good.

Posted by JZ

Wow these make no sense

Posted by ShadzKing

BioForged Ryan?