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Done up to here.

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The ending of Crisis Core is fantastic. Even with the baggage of being a Final Fantasy VII side-story filled with Gackt reading gothic poetry and more abject nonsense about genetics than a Metal Gear Solid game, as well as just being a rather weird take on an action RPG in general, it ends on such a high note that I can't help but think of it as one of the best Final Fantasy games of the past 10 years.

If we're talking about games that completely subvert their mechanics for satisfying endings, there's only a handful that come to mind. Definitely aren't too many where the bad ending is the one and only canonical ending (though you do get cases where one of the downer endings becomes canonical so they can build a sequel out of it, like Shadow Hearts. Of course, technically both of Shadow Hearts' endings are canonical... it's a weird series).

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You say "even freaking Mystic Quest" like it doesn't have some of the best music from the series. Say what you will about the rest of it, that soundtrack is beyond reproach.

I'm looking forward to playing Curtain Call at some point. I feel like I've got a lot of 2014 games to catch up on.

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@demoskinos: I should probably split them up a bit with some images, huh? It does look kind of intimidating (i.e. a chore) to read right now.

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Man, I just started watching Metal Gear Scanlon and they're covering a lot of stuff I missed already. Like hitting Circle to confirm. Why don't I just set it to Inverted if we're already living in crazy old Opposite Land?

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Before anyone asks, this isn't an elaborate revenge for the Metro Redux QL. I've never even played Metro.

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I only worked on ten pages this week in Dec '93, including two newly created ones. Those eight pre-existing pages did include the first Dokapon game, though. I had no idea that series goes so far back. The only other really notable game was TMNT Tournament Fighters. Apparently there's three versions of that game (NES, SNES, Genesis) and they're all pretty different.

I also got a little sidetracked cleaning up the Asmik and Asmik Ace company pages. Unlike last time, I decided not to combine the two since there's a very clear pre- and post-merger distinction given the latter's double-barreled name (like with Square-Enix or Bandai Namco). It seems like another one of those many flexible wiki rules you kind of have to play by ear (or preferably by discussing the problem with another wiki moderator, or a heavy wiki user like yourself).

I'm playing the first MGS right now, but as soon as that's done I might try marathoning the last 30 or so SFC game pages I have left. I'm so close to the end of 1993 I can taste it (it tastes a little like neon blue Nerds candy).

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Oh boy, this thread again. While the staff welcomes constructive criticism, I'm not really seeing it with a topic named "Dan is a rube" that starts with a complaint about how he chooses to drink alcohol.

Since Godwin's Law has already been invoked, I am now legally obligated by the rules of the internet to shut this thread down.

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I've played a few Simple 2000 games. Eternal Quest (Vol. 20) and Darwin (Vol. 99) in particular I recall very well, though not necessarily for positive reasons. I kept seeing games from this series in supermarkets and wondering where they all came from. It seems so weird we got so many that the US didn't, but we still didn't get Suikoden 3 and a dozen other PS2 JRPGs I wouldn't have minded playing.

If you're really intent on playing as many of these as possible, then my hat's off to ya.

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A ludicrously long blog and a last minute list.

I seem to have cultivated a few list ideas of late, I'll see about doing them more regularly again.