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@evo: "Transcendent" is probably pushing it, in retrospect. I enjoyed BG&E a lot and occasionally find it hard to articulate precisely why, and I think it's as much for the minor stuff as it is the major. A lot of my favorite games give you some clear story goals to chase and then a lot of little optional tasks, many of which are mini-games governed by their own rules. Dark Cloud 2's another fine example, and I'm usually content to call that one my favorite console game of all time due largely to its versatility.

As for what constitutes a mechanic, you're right in that it's a gray area. Infrastructure like pausing, menus and stuff like text input all falls under a different stage of the development process, but they're all conceived by game designers and implemented by coders like everything else. (Once you're in game development, there'll be a fun task where you'll have to visualize the entire menu system of a game all expanded out like a flowchart, making sure there's always a function to go back one level and so on.)

For me, the mechanics of a game encompasses everything that allows it to function as intended by its designers, including perfunctory things like saving the game or turning on subtitles. Also, you could always argue that inputting your initials is an important end stage of the classic Arcade gameplay experience, or how writing a character's name along with the rest of the character customization process is an integral part of any role-playing game with player-made characters, but those are definitely debatable.

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@slag: You've just given me a good idea for a sequel for that particular item. Something I've encountered that's far more palatable to those of an anti-inventory management persuasion. #3 is filling up already.

And don't worry about being too pithy -- especially when commenting on one of my blogs, which are ~85% pithy on a good day -- you have a good point that this shit can take up too much precious time that could be used for bashing things or, I dunno, reading a book. Fortunately, not all CRPGs adhere to a strict inventory limit. Thanks for the bump(s)!

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@slag: Well, my point with #4 is that we need something more interesting than the usual Tetris grid. Having a hard inventory limit is sometimes inextricably linked with the game design, but it wouldn't hurt to have a system that makes managing the inventory more enjoyable. I certainly have no issue with a bottomless inventory if a CRPG wants to go that way, or something like Torchlight's little courier buddy. I wish I had some better examples for that one, my mind went blank.

@corruptedevil: With character action games and fighter games in general, a lot of the fancier mechanics are deeply technical and require a lot of experience with the genre to fully comprehend their importance. I'm not saying that isn't also the case with some of these RPG-focused mechanics, but I'm out of my depth with a lot of this combo/air-juggling/dodge-offsetting business, or the hundred different gauges in something like Persona 4 Arena. I do find that stuff fascinating though, and it goes back to how a lot of the best mechanics emerge after having been endlessly tested and tweaked, occasionally over several generations of the same franchise (or one very similar, as is the case with DMC/Bayonetta). I'll do a little research and come up with some interesting cases from those types of gameplay-focused genres. God (of War) knows I must've picked up a few things listening to 2BFP discuss those games over and over.

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I quite liked Bladestorm. I've always thought of it as a gateway to the Musou genre, though it's a little more thoughtful and RPG-focused. (Though it stops getting thoughtful when it starts introducing things like magicians and gunmen.) I just like the way you're able to pick your battles, and can find yourself running around either as part of an invincible army of lancers or on your own while near death and doing the whole "my kingdom for a horse" bit. I also like how you meet NPC mercs and how they all have their own legends growing as well. I managed to 100% that game, so I dunno if I can see myself going back to it.

Actually, I'm reading the Berserk manga right now, and a lot of the mercenary stuff that happens in the extended flashback reminded me of this game. Not quite as grisly, of course.

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Not much from me, still deep into October. October 1993 has 34 SNES/SFC releases, more than any other month of the year excluding, naturally enough, November with 42 and December with 55. People love those holiday releases.

Though, here's a funny and weird coincidence: I created a page for the first Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling game, since it was on the quota for September. (Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling being a real-life Japanese wrestling promotion, like WWE, and is also known as New Japan Pro Wrestling or NJPW.) Shortly after, ReverendHunt (one of our busier if quieter wiki editors) added the other SFC games. And then, Jeff showed up on UPF wearing a NJPW shirt. I don't know what was in the water last week, but everyone evidently had puroresu on their mind. (Though, to be fair, the G1 Climax -- their big yearly event -- starts tomorrow.)

Other than that, the only other new pages were for a horse racing sim and a baseball game. Those genres are the usual suspects if we're missing a page, along with shogi and mahjong.

You might want to log that issue with creating multiple new pages from an existing page. Something tells me that's a deliberate roadblock though, in case a spambot tries something weird.

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All right, just so we're all clear going forward: Our cardinal rule of "Don't be a jerk" applies to posts referring to other users, staff and guests/interviewees of the site equally. I'm specifically talking about the insults. Anyone with reservations about the game or this interview is still free to express them, however.

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@video_game_king: I didn't make those games, so I'm going to guess it was a typo. This thing has like a bajillion words, I should probably proofread it a couple more times, huh.

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Done up to here.

@hailinel: @blacklagoon: I left "Mind=0" as an alias. No idea how our search engine parses the equals symbol though (let alone the asymptotically equal to symbol).

@video_game_king: I seem to recall the two of us being in a prior debate with the mods (I wasn't one at the time) about giving the first game in the series a "1" next to its name as an alias to make it easier to find, but if I recall we got voted down. I'm going to add it anyway, because it's referred to as Final Fantasy I whenever it's bundled with Final Fantasy II (like in Dawn of Souls).

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@beachthunder: I'm still waiting for HL 2: Episode 3. I'm hoping the intention was to release it just prior to 3, with all the new assets/engine, as a way to ease people in. But yeah, at least Cuphead seems to have a development schedule and signs of life, so I'll give it that.