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@madman356647: His original post said "It's a huge bummer that there is anything other than support for the victims being posted here." Maybe you misread it? You appear to agree with it.

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@alboy: Walking into a thread you have no interest in to say "I have no interest in this" isn't a say, it's just noise. It also angers people who genuinely do care about the topic and want to discuss it without other people insinuating that they should shut up about all this serious stuff and go back to gaming. Especially when that isn't an option for many of the people getting attacked.

We've just updated the rules to prevent people from commenting in this manner because it adds nothing but hostility. Feel free to ask Rorie more about it; he's still fielding questions about the new rules.

We haven't yet extended that rule to posts which purport that Jeff and co. don't agree with Patrick's perspective to some extent, considering they allow him to write and publish it on the front page of their website. Equally so the assumption that Giant Bomb isn't about "these sorts of articles". Not your call whatsoever.

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@amyggen said:

Also, will anyone blindly walk into supporting GG at this point?

From the perspective of enthusiasts who are deeply engaged in video games (i.e. people who are reading this), I don't think it's possible to "blindly" walk into supporting GamerGate - even if you aren't actively seeking out the conversation, you've probably seen enough to get a general idea of what's been happening.

However, I do think there is the potential for people who actively play video games but don't engage in these sorts of discussions to see GamerGate as something it might not truly be. From an external perspective, I think it would be easy to get an unclear view of this whole thing and immediately think, "I play video games, so why would I not support a group that says it wants to promote video games?"

This is the crux of the recent "denounce GamerGate" movement, for those just joining this thread. It's not about denouncing the harassers, because that's clearly redundant, but denouncing the movement itself as it allows these harassers to do what they're doing with impunity. Importantly, this denouncement would go into more detail about the history of the movement and explain why, objectively and dispassionately, this movement should no longer be supported by the many good-intentioned disenfranchised folk supporting it who were suckered into protecting a bunch of 4chan rabble-rousers and abusers when they thought they were helping to bring about closer scrutiny regarding journalistic ethics in this industry.

At least that's the case being made by Frank Cifaldi and other Indie devs after the recent threats against Brianna Wu drove her from her home. They're saying it's less about telling people what opinions they ought to have, but to open their eyes to the problematic core/origin of the GamerGate movement.

Just so their stance is clear to those reading this thread who haven't been following this messy business too closely. Otherwise we'll all start to argue in circles again.

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I'm cool with it. Sorry I gave you like seven things to link this week, you might just want to highlight the contents page here.

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I'm on my new Wiki Project, which isn't really much of a project. I'm just going back and making sure the early SNES pages I worked on are completed to the same satisfactory degree as the later ones; I got more stringent about requirements the longer I worked on them. I'm especially concerned with fixing all the bad blurry header images, since it wasn't until 1992's Battle Clash that I started using high-res screenshots. I was a little lax on filling out releases too.

Next Wiki Project (always capitalized) will be more interesting, though still fairly short all the same. I'm taking it easy for a while before the big Super '94 kicks off. It'll be almost 500 games this time around. (Plus I kinda have this Octurbo thing taking up my free time right now.)

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Welcome back, Kat!

You could try your hand at some MGScanlon fanart. It seems to be the new hotness around here. Or maybe some Mario Party/GB crossover stuff, see if we can't will Mario Party Party 2 into being with some neat art.

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So, all right, I had the first part ready to roll but the site's broke my ability to post images again, so there might be a delay. Hopefully I can get that Rondo up soon. Not a euphemism.

Edit: Never mind! The engineers fixed the issue later the same day. Thanks Top Men!

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I like a mix of both. Generally because I like to play a mix of both. I feel like one of the strengths Giant Bomb has over its YouTuber competition is a wealth of history with the format, whether its their combined ~50 years in the biz or the fact they all grew up with NES/SNES/Genesis or earlier. I realize that's a backhanded way of saying they're old, but given the experience that comes with age it's fine by me.

That said, I would love to see more playthroughs of older games in the style of MGScanlon. One novice that's always wanted to play the game in question and one veteran for advice and supplemental info. The Demon's/Dark Souls series were made better by having a similar mentor/student set-up too.

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Hey, thanks guys. It also puts an end to constantly bringing up its progress in these Wiki Updates too, so there's another upside.

@beachthunder: I've jotted some notes on what I'd want to see in a style guide, but it's ultimately up to Jeff. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the input though. I feel the ones you've listed are pretty important ones that would be in it regardless.

Here's a few of mine, mostly picked up from stuff Jeff's said in the past or told to me by other editors:

  • No second person. Use "the player" or "[character name]". When referring to the player, use non-gendered pronouns like "they" and "their". "He/she"'s probably technically more right, but it reads awkwardly.
  • Italics for the titles of non-game media, like movies or comics. Unless they're a franchise (like "Batman"), in which case leave out the formatting and link to the franchise page instead.
  • No Japanese script (kana/kanji) in titles or releases; just in aliases. Avoid macrons, circumflexes and accents in page titles too, unless they're written that way on the box art (like Pokémon or Ōkami).
  • Currently, if a game has an ampersand ("Pocky & Rocky"), add a request to put the non-ampersand "and" version in as an alias. Search engine's currently finicky about ampersands.
  • Every page needs headers. Overview's the standard for all pages, and Gameplay's the next most important for game pages. Other headers vary depending on the page type.
  • Image stuff: Tag all screenshots as both "Screenshots" and "x Screenshots", where x is the platform. Manual scans are prohibited because of copyright reasons (that's probably less style guide than core rules stuff, though). Box art, concept art and promotional stuff is fine, but I think magazine scans are out for a similar reason as manual scans.
  • Default Image: As in, the box art that the site uses for the search engine icon. I believe the current preference is using the oldest (preferably original) US release. If there's no US release, go Europe. If no US or Europe, go Japan. If the game was launched on multiple platforms on the same day, go with first platform to come out chronologically (360 for last gen, WIIU/PS4 for this one).

I'm missing stuff, I'm sure. And, yeah, there's no guarantee any of these will stick if Jeff has other plans. I can see why this can intimidate folk away from contributing. Hell, I only fill out half the release info in most cases, there's just so much there to look up.

(Regarding double spacers: the site actually automatically fixes that, except in decks for some reason. If you see a page full of double spaces after periods, just hit edit and immediately hit save changes to make them all go away.)

Also "1980s" is correct, as is "DVDs" or "letter Ts". Apostrophes are for possessives and contractions only.

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@def: Good catch. We'll leave the English titles as aliases for now, until we hear word that an English localization is on its way. Fingers crossed.