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It's exciting news all right. I'm personally hoping for a Kunio-kun/Persona 4 Arena crossover dodgeball game. "Nekketsu Kouha Dodging All Night".

If they just release a compilation of the older stuff in English for the first time, I'd be thrilled. So many games we missed in the US/UK, like that baseball game where someone gets beaned in the nuts during the intro.

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Well said.

I spend a lot of my time on GB critiquing (all right, it's mostly kvetching) about annoying trends and maladroit mechanics and hoary narrative tropes in games, and yet they're all somehow above reproach when compared to a blog critiquing a certain lack of social awareness in a game.

All these criticisms really should all fall under the same umbrella, and met by those with similar (if often opposing) concerns. If frame rate isn't important to you, don't endlessly engage with a review that decries a game for not maintaining a stable 60 frames per second. Equally, if race and gender representation isn't important to you, don't engage with critiques on that either. Let those that do care have those conversations in peace.

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I hope this means more freelance work spread across a whole bunch of stuff rather than an RPG every five years. I actually think he'd be a great fit for graphic adventure games if he finds the right developer, like Wadjet Eye.

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@fisk0: Yeah, having icons for various things made it way easier for a younger me to process, I suspect, as well as it making it easier to hold my interest. It's still a very patient, contemplative game with its lengthy trips across space, but nonetheless I found myself playing it for hours. It probably went a lot way towards inspiring my fondness for non-linear open-world games.

If I could make a recommendation, it's a lot easier to navigate the ship with the keyboard rather than the mouse or joystick. Something about using the arrow keys makes it easier to line up your ship/reticle. It uses a lot of keys too, but they're all fairly intuitive and I'm sure they're very similar to the key layouts of the versions you've already played. Keyboards haven't actually evolved that much in thirty plus years, turns out, besides for a couple of extra function keys.

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@fisk0: Ah, that makes sense. I wondered if certain ones were more militaristic in nature too, which would mean a good deal on firearms and medicine trading.

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You backed the Bard's Tale IV too, huh. I did it for cheap Wasteland 2, but I'm cautiously optimistic about how it might turn out. It certainly looks good from that early footage, but then who knows what it'll resemble in another two years. My best guess is another throwbacky game like Might & Magic X.

As for the PS4, well, keep me posted. I'm still looking for reasons to buy one of those, and your tastes run parallel to my own more often than not. (With perhaps the exception of fighter games.) In return I shall... probably tell you to play something awful from the early 90s again.

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@bobafettjm: I had trouble narrowing down September to those fifteen (I was almost sad to lose Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage, WildSnake and Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 3, but I'll get over it). In terms of big-name stuff, yeah, there wasn't a whole lot. I should state that I'm neglecting all those games that were released during that time but had already been released in Japan a lot sooner, because I'm working off a chronological list of first releases. It's really more of a "these are pages I've recently checked within this approximate release window" than a full retrospective of that three month period.

Oh, there was one little factoid I wanted to make at the end of the blog but forgot: Jungle no Ouja Tar-chan: Sekai Manyuu Dai Kakutou no Maki might not be too recognizable as some sort of comedic anime Tarzan platformer, but there's a popular Tumblr account that features obscure games (called, aptly enough, that has an avatar of a bulging-eyed blonde guy. He's from that game. (Is this too esoteric? I feel like I might be getting too esoteric now.)

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Man, how did I miss this thread? A little too late, I guess, but here:

Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2

Dark Souls

Baldur's Gate 2

Xenoblade Chronicles

Suikoden 2

Secret of Mana

Shadow Hearts Covenant

Chrono Trigger

Illusion of Gaia

Grandia 2

Generally we don't take kindly to polling the community, but people like talking about RPGs I guess. (Is it bad that I've played 66 of the games in that quiz? It should probably be more, right?)

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I backed it. Worth it for the free copy of Wasteland 2. Most likely it'll be another legacy game like Might and Magic X, riding that nostalgic Grimrock buzz.

I actually liked the 2004 reboot quite a bit. It was more wry and meta than hilarious, but I enjoyed it for what it was.