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Congrats to you as well, then! I can't see the wiki lacking for exposure for long if we all keep making numerical milestone blogs about our wiki work.

But for serious: Good work, man. It's easier to keep focused on editing the wiki when you have, well, a focus. To any prospective editors out there reading this that are still wondering where to start, we probably have hundreds of Suikoden character pages that need adding to the wiki. You could be the Suikoden guy! That's what we'd call you!

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Kudos, duder (Kududers?). That must've taken a long while. I've only just passed 100k myself, so I don't see myself catching up to you any time soon.

I appreciate the focus on some big Japanese games of recent years. I know you've been aggrieved in the past because of Giant Bomb's general dismissive tone for recent games from the land of the rising sun, but it's awesome that we have a lot of community members who care enough about them to counterbalance the staff's apathy with blogs and in-depth wiki pages. In a sense, it's where I feel the community (the content creator part of it anyway) shines brightest: making up for the deficit in coverage for games that such a small staff of editors inevitably allow to fall by the wayside.

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Good stuff, dude. It's rare that anyone bothers filling in the body text for old console games, since it can often require a lot of hunting around obscure sites for information. It'd be neat if we had a full Game Boy library, but Wikipedia says there's over 700 of the things. I wouldn't wish that amount of work on anyone.

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Doing May Madness again this year. I created a sort of "contents" blog that will have links to all the others, so just promote that.

And now I'm going to listen to "Small Business Man" a few more times.

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I'm not even sure Sweep can be stopped. He's the Mr Domino of sentient hamburgers.

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@bobafettjm: Done.

Incidentally, we've logged the issue of users not being able to delete images for the next big wiki update. No idea when that's going down as of yet, but I'm fairly certain it won't happen until after E3.

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$54.5 million. I don't think Amazing Spider-Man 2 has the legs the previous movie did, and that one wasn't exactly hotly anticipated. (Also, I'll also defer to the next closest if I happen to win.)

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Great work with the wiki, duder. It helps a whole lot when you add all these brand new Steam games to the site, or even expand on existing pages a little, because there's a lot of Twitch streaming people who come here and insist we make all these random pages so they show up on the API that Twitch uses to label streams.

This is a good idea for a blog too. I don't think I do enough wiki business to warrant a weekly update, but maybe one at the end of the year? I have a target I want to see met before 2015 rolls around, but it's going to take a while at the rate I'm going.

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How to draw Brad Muir.

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Before you ask for it, here's a direct link to my squiggly blog this week.

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