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Oh lordy, what fresh hell have I wrought upon these unsuspecting forums once again?

So yeah, I got a pal who kindly bought me this gold membership dealie in exchange for crafting a monthly comic commission. This month's was to pitch a CBS-style sitcom for our favorite video game reviewing peoples to appear in as a result of the recent buy out, but I decided to go bigger with it. Way bigger. Unfeasibly bigger. Behold:

Yeah, my bad. And no worries, an actual blog will transpire at some point later this week. Meanwhile, come up with more CBS names for Giant Bomb things before that parody Twitter account beats us all to it.

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Game of Thrones is the better show, but it has one hell of an uphill climb to out-OTT both the fifth and final episodes of the latest season of Spartacus. I don't doubt it'll try its darndest. Man, I love TV right now.

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@StarFoxA: Looks good. Hopefully the guide doesn't become such a huge amount of hassle that people tire themselves out before getting to the actual wiki improving side of it.

I'm honestly not entirely sure what is a terrible wiki page and what isn't, since I'm usually not content with undoing someone else's work unless it's really unacceptable, so I don't see myself adding many pages to that guide. I'm happy to work on any of the pages that show up there, though.

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@StarFoxA: I actually really dig the idea of going system by system for the time being, focusing on being a comprehensive source of SNES information (or Genesis, or NES, or whatever) and then moving on from there. It seems like it could definitely help to compartmentalize like that for improving a wiki this massive, otherwise it becomes too daunting a task.

It'd be sorta neat if we had some kind of table in the guides section with every game for a particular system and how sufficiently (or insufficiently, as the case may be) detailed each of their wiki pages were that anyone could tick off once they were done with a page, sort of like how those FAQ Completion projects are tracked. Then again, it'd be less neat for whoever has to make that guide.

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@Video_Game_King: Dreamland Drop Distance. There you go. It's even "Dedede" for short.

Hooray for being a triple threat this week. Probably be a while before I'm that constructive again.

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The thing about Quick Looks, is that it basically involves doing two things:

1) Speaking eloquently and knowledgeably about the game, its mechanics, its history and the people behind it as well as being entertaining to listen to.

2) Playing the game well.

I'd say one of those things is vastly more important and difficult than the other. Without hopefully coming off as too obsequious, it's also the one Brad and the rest happen to be good at.

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@Turambar: I'm not unilaterally opposed to Kotaku editors, just how the site goes about its business on the whole. I'm not particularly fond of Vox Games either for that matter, but I recognise the talent behind it and why everyone thought it was a big deal back when the McElroys were announcing everyone involved.

It's weird, I never really bothered remembering who people are in this industry (the journalism side anyway) until Giant Bomb came along and kind of proved how important the personality aspect really is. A five star review means next to nothing without knowing the person behind it, at least from reputation.

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I got up to all manner of mischief this week. I'm never quite sure that these displays of self-promotion are needed, since you seem to catch everything. Couldn't hurt, I suppose.

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I'd say the profession's too busy with people who aren't professionals. I'm very much the pot calling the kettle black here, I realise, but a lot of people who write about games don't measure up to actual journalists and article writers: people with English degrees, people who care about professional standards and the AP stylebook, people who actually read books. It's relatively easy for a group of dudebros to start a website, publish every rumor they hear on NeoGAF and draw in the crowds and advertisement bucks. Then somehow, years later, that site becomes Kotaku and all those real journos with appreciable talent have probably been made redundant due to the closing of the less sensationalist site (or, lord have mercy, magazine) they worked for.

But us gamers are getting savvier, collectively, I'd like to think. Places like Giant Bomb and Vox Games and whatever the Penny Arcade Report thing was became news when they started up because they've got viable, proven talent behind them. But more so, I think it's because they aren't complicit in this rumormongering BS and are eminently more trustworthy as a result. I think more people are responding to that. At least I hope so.

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The Last Story, with Asura's Wrath and Mass Effect 3 jostling for second place.