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@video_game_king: This is the Tumblr. And this is the TurboMento blog covering Genji Tsuushin Agedama which, admittedly, doesn't have a particularly memorable name. Apparently the anime it's based on is way more lascivious than the game (though in a PG-rated way, like Tenchi Muyo).

Napple Tales looks more like Klonoa then, which you brought up but not in comparison with how it plays. Actually, the second N64 Goemon was like that if I recall. The first, which is the one I'm more familiar with, is a bit more like Ocarina of Time with how open-world it is.

As for the Fragile Dreams thing, it might be referring to the part where you reach the room of "the princess" Chickenhead serves and watch them through a keyhole?

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Huh, weird, I only recently just tinkered with the Psycho Dream page. I'm thinking we should probably change its name back to Psycho Dream, actually. It's not like it was ever officially released with the name "Dream Probe" (which isn't... that much better a title, frankly).

But yes, it seemed fun from what little I played of it to capture some larger screenshots. A bit like Ninja Spirit or Contra or Genji Tsuushin Agedama (the last of which the Obscure Video Games Tumblr has been having some fun with recently) in that it looks like a platformer but has a shoot 'em up sensibility. You know, that whole thing where the power-ups make the man (or bikini'd anime) and you're pretty much stuffed without a bunch of glowy things turning you into a walking death machine cutting a bloody swath through the world.

As for Napple Tale... fuck, man, I have no idea what that is. Does it play like that N64 Goemon game? Employing an all-female development team was a great idea though; in addition to the whole forward-thinking feminism aspect of it, it's a fine way to ensure the final product would have a unique sensibility. It's certainly a better notion than sticking Lou Rawls in your commercials and having monsters shout "SEGA!" at you.

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@bisonhero: He was introduced as "Randy Pitcher". I distinctly remember when he was testing the infrared heat sensor on himself and got a low reading that I said he was a "tall, cold Pitcher" in chat.

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@omghisam: Besides the Giant Bomb panel (which will have a HD Drew version pretty soon) and the chaotic Royal Rumble event it sets up, there's nothing too essential. I would recommend the "404ing It" panel (I included a link) to get a glimpse into Jeff's Sega antipathy, Max Temkin's casual schadenfreude and the deep pit of existential despair that is the mind of Eric Pope. As well, look for the archive of the Square-Enix Presents: Murdered: Soul Suspect panel. Though the game itself sounds fairly mediocre, there's an extended talk with an actual FBI profiler/victimologist who was brought on as a consultant during the game's development that's sort of eye-opening - in the sense that it was terrifying and bizarre and incongruously dark, even for a game about ghosts and murder. Shit got really real on that panel.

The grand majority of the panels that got streamed were from Twitch and Youtube "celebrities", most of whom weren't particularly at ease with a room full of people and wouldn't have been all that entertaining to watch in the first place. Some, like the nVidia desperation freebie funtime panel, were downright revolting. There was about five different panels for Titanfall too, if that game was something you were eager to discover more about even after the five or so hours of footage on this site alone.

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Man, a great day for the Navarro Wolf Order. I think I know what the chief discussion topic for today's Bombin' will be.

I'm guessing someone's hard at work on a list of who entered when and got knocked out when, and by who? That would be just the sort of nerdy statistical ephemera I expect from my fellow duders.

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22. Murdered: Soul Suspect sounds a lot more interesting once you hear about all the close scrutiny of murder/rape cases and victimology that went into its research. It's definitely not a goofy game about ghost detectives! Nuh-uh!

23. nVidia and Randy Pitcher care not for your dignity. Get this heat sensor pointed at your throat. For freebies.

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Portrait of Ruin is the Donkey Kong 64 of IGA Castlevanias, in that it's very similar to all the previous games of its kind except with about 50% more of everything. That's great if you weren't already burned out after playing through a bunch of very similar predecessors, and simply too much if you were.

Also, I still have Disciples 2, Eador and Warlock on my list of stuff to try out this year (as well as digital copies of each sitting in my Steam library). I think I could probably cope with three instead of four MoM-inspired games, if I really tried. I'm using "pretender" here to just mean someone with a stake to that throne, because as far as I'm aware all these games actually point to MoM as a direct inspiration.