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@oreospeedwagon: I apologise. It sounded like you were hypothesizing that he would call you "one of you people" in a dismissive tone and refuse to have an honest conversation with you if you tried to engage him on the topic.

I hope you realise it's been a long week for us. I'll try to be more careful with my reading comprehension in the future.

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@oreospeedwagon: Did... did you just accuse someone of being prejudiced because they seem like someone who might be prejudiced?

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@devoureroftime: Ah, of course it's a Vita game. It's also why I don't have it yet. I'm actually kind of hoping it follows these other Ys games to Steam, though I've got plenty of other reasons to get a Vita at this point.

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Guys, you know the drill:

  • No coming in here to insult Ms. Sarkeesian (and while civil criticism of her work is fine, it's perhaps not the best time for that either).
  • No coming in here to say "this isn't news" or "stop giving this attention" or "video games!" or anything else equally dismissive. Patrick is reporting on news that occurred within the games industry to an outspoken video games critic. That is his job.
  • Civil debate is fine. If you want to continue posting the same polite pro-GG arguments you had yesterday on the Brianna Wu article, you are free to do so. (Just... I dunno, keep in mind that every new "death threat against a female industry figure while GamerGate just coincidentally happens to be a thing" article that goes up makes your platform a little less tenable.)

Comments in parentheses are my opinion, not necessarily shared by the other moderators or staff.

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@madman356647: His original post said "It's a huge bummer that there is anything other than support for the victims being posted here." Maybe you misread it? You appear to agree with it.

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@alboy: Walking into a thread you have no interest in to say "I have no interest in this" isn't a say, it's just noise. It also angers people who genuinely do care about the topic and want to discuss it without other people insinuating that they should shut up about all this serious stuff and go back to gaming. Especially when that isn't an option for many of the people getting attacked.

We've just updated the rules to prevent people from commenting in this manner because it adds nothing but hostility. Feel free to ask Rorie more about it; he's still fielding questions about the new rules.

We haven't yet extended that rule to posts which purport that Jeff and co. don't agree with Patrick's perspective to some extent, considering they allow him to write and publish it on the front page of their website. Equally so the assumption that Giant Bomb isn't about "these sorts of articles". Not your call whatsoever.

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@chaser324 said:

@amyggen said:

Also, will anyone blindly walk into supporting GG at this point?

From the perspective of enthusiasts who are deeply engaged in video games (i.e. people who are reading this), I don't think it's possible to "blindly" walk into supporting GamerGate - even if you aren't actively seeking out the conversation, you've probably seen enough to get a general idea of what's been happening.

However, I do think there is the potential for people who actively play video games but don't engage in these sorts of discussions to see GamerGate as something it might not truly be. From an external perspective, I think it would be easy to get an unclear view of this whole thing and immediately think, "I play video games, so why would I not support a group that says it wants to promote video games?"

This is the crux of the recent "denounce GamerGate" movement, for those just joining this thread. It's not about denouncing the harassers, because that's clearly redundant, but denouncing the movement itself as it allows these harassers to do what they're doing with impunity. Importantly, this denouncement would go into more detail about the history of the movement and explain why, objectively and dispassionately, this movement should no longer be supported by the many good-intentioned disenfranchised folk supporting it who were suckered into protecting a bunch of 4chan rabble-rousers and abusers when they thought they were helping to bring about closer scrutiny regarding journalistic ethics in this industry.

At least that's the case being made by Frank Cifaldi and other Indie devs after the recent threats against Brianna Wu drove her from her home. They're saying it's less about telling people what opinions they ought to have, but to open their eyes to the problematic core/origin of the GamerGate movement.

Just so their stance is clear to those reading this thread who haven't been following this messy business too closely. Otherwise we'll all start to argue in circles again.

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I'm cool with it. Sorry I gave you like seven things to link this week, you might just want to highlight the contents page here.

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I'm on my new Wiki Project, which isn't really much of a project. I'm just going back and making sure the early SNES pages I worked on are completed to the same satisfactory degree as the later ones; I got more stringent about requirements the longer I worked on them. I'm especially concerned with fixing all the bad blurry header images, since it wasn't until 1992's Battle Clash that I started using high-res screenshots. I was a little lax on filling out releases too.

Next Wiki Project (always capitalized) will be more interesting, though still fairly short all the same. I'm taking it easy for a while before the big Super '94 kicks off. It'll be almost 500 games this time around. (Plus I kinda have this Octurbo thing taking up my free time right now.)

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Welcome back, Kat!

You could try your hand at some MGScanlon fanart. It seems to be the new hotness around here. Or maybe some Mario Party/GB crossover stuff, see if we can't will Mario Party Party 2 into being with some neat art.