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You know me, still plugging away at this GCCX project. Up to season 15, which means I only have four left, but these all have way more episodes than the rest of the series. I'm hoping to have it done soon so I can move onto another Wiki Project, which has an early-January deadline of sorts. I don't imagine I'll be able to quickly complete that one in time at the pace I'm at, so I'll probably have to streamline my page creation process to get it done (no spending twenty minutes looking for the right header image, for example).

I'm actually wondering about conceiving a Wiki Project and letting regular editors have at it. I'm weirdly protective of them, though. The projects, not the editors (though, honestly, it should be the other way around).

Only one new page this week: Koushien, for the Famicom. Most of this week's wiki-ing was spent on sprucing up pages we already had.

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@savage: Duder, thanks for all the extra context and info. It's sort of like how I keep learning new things about MGS 2 from watching Metal Gear Scanlon (besides how not to approach Strut F), despite beating it a month ago. I suppose it's a sign of how well-made a game is, or at least how lovingly its elements were crafted, if it's filled with little details most players don't even notice until an additional playthrough (or someone helpfully points them out).

To address each of these:

  1. I actually went back to the Forest of the Fallen Giants to take care of those salamanders, though they gave more than they got on average. I was looking for a way to mitigate the Smelter Demon's fire attacks (oof, more on him in part 2) and heard there was a fire protection ring down there. The falling + cat ring trick is one I used, but I imagine there's a way to get past the salamander blocking that tunnel you can reach elsewhere?
  2. I thought that at first, but I went into the Skeleton Lords fight about four times and each time the order of the minion spawns was identical (viking types, regular types, bonewheels). It might just be that I killed the same Lords in the same order each time, which seemed unlikely given how much they move around, so I went with Occam's Razor and figured they were just saving the big guns for last. I'm glad I managed to spare myself from having to fight liches, skeletons and bonewheels simultaneously.
  3. Ah, that's a good way of handling that. It would anger players too much to lose all their best armor. Makes slightly less sense that the demon could undress you with its tongue (not to mention the gross mental image) but I can appreciate how there were two ways to go about that particular nasty surprise, and it's good they went with the kinder approach. The cages thing flew by me because I so rarely use ranged attacks, but this valley of mages and all the crystal lizards I keep missing is making me think twice about it. Maybe I'll boost my Vigor a bit more so I can carry a bow with me.
  4. So that's the deal with that place. I'm still not a fan of how these games do co-op, having players wait around in regions they either have yet to beat themselves or have already cleared out, and I guess I assumed PvP was the same deal. I've heard a lot about how the covenants aspect is more pronounced in this game, letting you join and drop them more easily. I want to check out that one that lets you try extra dungeons/bosses at some point. (Covenants are one of the few things I did research on, given how they sometimes hide specific spells/items within their progression.)
  5. That would explain why they would occasionally join the fight sooner than expected. I did end up spreading the damage around a little because I have a long-reaching weapon, but who doesn't generally focus on one enemy at a time in circumstances like those?
  6. Man, I didn't see that at all, even with the lights on. It'd help if this game deigned to have more lore in it. Her armor became available at the vendor in town, but the descriptions are all "armor worn by a forgotten prisoner" with no hints as to who this prisoner might be. Either her identity's a little too well hidden in other pieces of scattered lore or they just left it a mystery on purpose. Well, there's always those YouTube lore videos for all the stuff I probably missed.
  7. Yep, I'm already starting to get a little tired of these melee humanoids, as you put it. Similarly to what @claybrez was saying (and thank you for your post, duder), I wouldn't mind so much if there was a little more lore hidden around. NPCs with history on the area (like Gilligan in Earthen Peak, or that chancellor guy in Dranglaic Castle), perhaps. It might be pushing it to request that the player can contact NPCs back in Majula via their Codec for more background info though. I gotta stop crossing the streams...
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Another blog and review combo. Hope you had a good Turkey Day, duder.

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  • Persona Q, to see what that's like (I have to assume a QL is coming soon regardless, though).
  • Gang Beasts, just because a QL of that is always fun and they've probably added quite a bit since the initial Unfinished. I want to say they have eight players now? So if the whole gang's there, it might be make for a fun video. That and Smash Wii U, but I can't imagine they'd be as enthused about that one. Obviously, disregard this one if they're going to be doing a bunch of multiplayer stuff with the whole team for a UPF anyway.
  • Yumi's Odd Odyssey, because it's not been covered and I especially want it to become a new Breaking Brad. It's such a perfect game to get enraged about.
  • Fantasy Life, similar to above. I'd like to see a few more takes on that game before I end up buying it myself. Fellow mod @sparklykiss seems to dig it, and I've been a Level-5 mark since way back when.
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall, another of the very few games I played this year (reviewed, even) that didn't even get a QL. It is technically DLC, which would make it lower priority, but it's such a big improvement over the original campaign (which, admittedly, seems to have been purposefully built as a rather straightforward introduction to the world of Shadowrun) and eventually became its own standalone game. Maybe Patrick could sit in on that one, given his recent strategy interest.
  • Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~. Nope, just being silly now.
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I've been a busy little bee this week, or at least some manner of wiki insect.

I got a little further with my GCCX Wiki Project, reaching season 11 of the show. There's only seven more to go, but seasons 15-18 are considerably bigger than the rest, with each having almost double the average number of episodes.

I did run into an odd example that I'll have to discuss with other wiki editors at some point: Super Gussun Oyoyo. Currently, the original Arcade game and all four of its home ports are on the same page. Not usually a problem, but those ports were handled by different developers for different systems and contain numerous disparities as a result (including the names). One of them even has completely different level design halfway through. I suspect I might need to split that page up before too long.

Anyway, I figured I was done that week, but Chrontendo finally updated after around eight months of inactivity. I more or less dropped everything to work on the fifteen NES/Famicom games it featured:

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We're going to have to lock this one down. The site has made itself clear in the past how it feels about GamerGate, and any threads on the subject invariably end with bickering and arguments that grow less and less civil as everyone refuses to see eye-to-eye. You might disagree with closing a thread before it has completely gone to the dogs, but the mods have been dealing with this particular subject for several months now and we see the same results over and over. It's just not a topic anyone wants to discuss civilly, as no-one can or wants to agree on anything.

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@redfox742: Thanks for the reply and feedback! (Which goes out to everyone else who replied!)

At the point when the Patriot AIs were giving me that long explanation as to what the game is and what Raiden was there to do, I didn't really have a moment to think up or jot down anything pithy in response. I needed to focus on what they were jabbering on about and that meant absorbing a huge amount of information that may or may not have been the rantings of a crazy person. It's impressive that they came up with an explanation as to why the game was so similar, and why you were doing similar things throughout, but then you could also call it lazy to recreate the first game and try to explain it away as a deliberate conspiracy. And you're right that it doesn't excuse the questionable design choices and the set-pieces, none of which were particularly fun outside of the core sneaking.

I dunno. In some ways playing the game was a chore, but it was just so weird that I can't really fault it too much. I mean, I did say I hated it, but that was really only referring to the 40% where I was actually controlling it. Someone advised me before I started this playthrough not to bother and just watch Drew play through the thing, since you get the benefit of watching the story and not having to play the game, and I think they were onto something.

I'll keep your advice in mind for MGS3. I assume it doesn't have VR tutorial stuff because that'd be anachronistic. It sounds like they went back and doubled down on the stealth gameplay, which was probably a good idea.

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@starvinggamer: The internet can be quite the alacritous think tank when it comes to video game strategies. Less so for everything else, but we're getting there.

Also, there's your problem. How's having kids going to make you any better at video games? Didn't think that one through. (Facetious.) Honestly, though, that ties in to what I was saying about this being a great pick up and go game. Thrash out a few Smash Runs while the younglings are temporarily occupied by silver foil or something.

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Lots of reacting to things this week. Specifically, Metal Gear Solid 2: Part 1 (Tanker) and Part 2 (Plant). I'll be editing the spoiler blocks for the latter when new episodes of Metal Gear Scanlon show up.

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