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@ahoodedfigure: Hey, I'm still around. If you want to keep making new blogs, I'd be way into that. The blogging community around here is starting to slowly build back up, though it's got a while to go before it's back to its heyday.

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Apologies, but we don't allow advertisement threads as per our rules on commercial posts and linking to off-site content.

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Oh boy, that Terminator 2 thing. I'll tell that story, since I'm always hijacking these things:

So the LJN side-scroller brawler Terminator 2: Judgment Day came up on my chronological list of SNES games to check up on. A brief search of the site turned up a page with the NES version of the game as the default image, so that was a relief. However, both the page's text and a majority of the images were related to the Arcade game, which was entirely different: that was the better-known on-rails shooter that would eventually get ported to a bunch of home consoles as "T2: The Arcade Game". Really, then, that page was about the Arcade game and not the side-scroller.

To complicate things I, NuclearWinter and Bobafettjm found four more T2 pages: The first was for a pinball table, so that was clearly best left alone. The second was for the Game Boy version of the Arcade game, with images/text again, even though the page shared the same title as the side-scroller. The third was actually named "T2: The Arcade Game" and referred to, again, the home console ports of the Arcade game. The fourth was a Game Boy game labelled "T2: The Arcade Game" which was otherwise identical to the others.

We didn't actually have a page dedicated to the side-scroller in the end. Just four pages for the Arcade game, half of which were mislabeled. I ended up creating a page for the game I was looking for and deleted three of the superfluous Arcade game pages after consolidating all their images/text into the remaining one. This sort of thing seems to happen frequently with licenses that spawn a lot of home versions, like quiz shows and popular movies. Mostly people just let one page speak for about a dozen different versions created by different developers and publishers for different systems, but it seems the opposite was the case here.

But hey, I got to work on the Super Uno page this week so it's all good.

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Done up to here.

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Go for it. We might have troubles later on with people adding every other character from the same game to the related characters list, but it's definitely unwieldy to have multiple definitions for how two characters might be related. Especially if neither definition works for a certain duo of characters.

Would it be possible to implement a function where the editor could add a single word along with each related character to expound on the nature of the relationship? Like "Sibling", "Companion", "Rival", and so on? Or would the finer details of those relationships be better served as part of the page's main body of text, where they can receive further elaboration?

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@mosespippy: That's unfortunate. It was very late in the game when I stopped using the defaults, because I'm not really one for monster-raising. There's a few familiar tickets given out after one of the Solosseum cups for some of the better monsters in the game, like that big bipedal dinosaur or the treant. Of course, you still have to raise them from level 1 three times, and they need a lot of XP. Sometimes it's not worth the trouble.

@demoskinos: Welcome to how I play every JRPG. I've played hundreds of the things, but I can count on one hand the number of times I've played one for a second time.

@mooseymcman: One's grammatically sound and the other's phonetically sound. I tortured myself with the decision last time, I recall. Well, as much as anyone can torture themselves about the name of their video game blog.

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I'm locking this, because we have an official doppelganger thread over here for the many staff lookalikes people find. Nosfera-Drew is absolutely a worthy candidate, if you'd like to post it there.

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@mcchitman: Going by what Jeff said, it'd be best if they had separate pages with the actual names used in-game. After which they could be attached to a "parody character" concept, and have "this wrestler is based on Donny 'Dumptruck' Dankowicz" or whatever in the overview text.

What complicates things is that almost all the Fire Pro games are exclusively in Japanese, including wrestler names. It'll have to be a labor of love for someone who is really obsessed with that series and reads Japanese (and considering I've had to add two of its wiki pages myself, I'm not sure we have anyone that fits the bill).

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@gunstarred: It's one of those things that's harder to conceal in a format like a video game or movie where you can witness how characters sound and move (and doubly difficult to conceal if you actually have a female actor cast in the role). The movie makes absolutely no effort to hide it: Dororo's played by Kou Shibasaki, who is not particularly androgynous at all and was well into her twenties at that point. (She was the femme fatale character in Battle Royale and the princess in 47 Ronin, among other things.)

I've not actually read the Dororo manga, since it was kind of intimidatingly long, but I imagine it's like the events of the game but stretched out a whole lot. You can tell, because some of the fiends in the game have whole chapters dedicated to them and whatever schemes they have for preying on humans, while others you just kind of bump into in a cave or something because nothing had been written about them yet.

I've tried playing the DC Berserk game a few times. It's really damn tough, especially a mid-game fight with Nosferatu Zodd. I suppose you could say that it was the brawler equivalent of one of those nigh impossible Dreamcast shoot 'em ups. If Yuke's decide to HD-ify that and stick it on PSN/XBL to tie in with the Berserk movies that are getting released, that would be pretty swell. Maybe make it a bit easier in the process.

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I've been extolling the virtues of Blood Will Tell for a while now, to the extent that I was trying to think of a way to shoehorn it into my Berserk blog for having a similar premise (based on a long serial manga about a damaged, embittered swordsman wandering through a grim world tearing down fiends in revenge while a comic-relief sidekick tags along) and taking a similar character action, boss encounter-heavy route with its video game adaptation. You've already made a strong enough case for it here though, so I don't need to add anything to it. I just hope it shows up on PSN someday so more can enjoy it.

The movie's not too bad either, though it makes it more obvious that Dororo is a girl than either the game or the manga does. I don't believe the manga ever made it clear, even; I believe that the designers kind of intuited what was going on when they were writing their non-canonical ending set almost a decade after the rest of the game.