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Woof, the image formatting on those tables. I'll get it right one day.

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$97.5 mil

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@karkarov: Oh yeah, I forgot about the deflection part. That's where the traditional Armor Class factor comes in. Still, though, it seems like accuracy's a big deal in this game.

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Exciting stuff. I hope having the spotlight in a more public venue encourages more community output.

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@karkarov: Thank you. I'm getting to grips with the new mechanics and hope to report more of my findings in the next update, but if I get anything wrong or misconstrued feel free to jump in and correct me in the comments.

For instance, I just discovered the game's versatile crafting system, and that gemstones are actually vital for that feature despite me hand-waving them off as mere vendor trash. Don't sell gemstones, guys! Or monster spoils and plants for that matter! (I imagine all this will go into part two regardless.)

As for combat, I've been cheesing a lot of the tougher battles with the above doorway trick, but I'm not sure if the game anticipated that I'd have five (and a half, with the wolf) party members at this point of the game. Early Caed Nua was a lot easier, relative to my current level, than that first dungeon in the Gilded Vale was. I'll be sure not to get too overconfident however, because that's the sort of thing that can stop you from saving every five minutes in paranoia.

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@kirkyx: Not yet, but I'm hoping to pick up a few characters soon. The game appears to have one big central city hub, like most IE games, so I'll be heading over there soon to pick up my last two party members I hope. I'm especially looking to try some of the game's unique classes, and I figure having a few pre-generated PCs with their pre-determined loadouts will make it easier for me to figure out what their deal is.

(Okay, so I cheated a little and looked up the companions because I don't want to be without a full party for long: I'm thinking of picking up Grieving Mother and Pallegina. I'll let you know how they are in the next update, hopefully. I also discovered that you can't hire a pre-gen barbarian, rogue or monk, so you'll have to make one if you want one in the party. Like I said though, even the rogue is a mostly martial class, and with the way the skills work anyone can be the designated "traps and locks" guy in your party.)

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Oh! Something I forgot to note this time but really impressed me about the game after reading a tooltip about it is that on higher difficulties (except for the hardest, I believe), the enemies don't get any stronger but the placement of them changes. So it's sort of like Doom's philosophy behind its difficulty levels: a room becomes harder because it has more imps in it, but they don't hit any harder or act any differently than they already do.

Not only does that mean less worrying about invisible dice rolls you already can't trust, but if you were to replay the game on a higher setting it'd feel completely different. At least as far as fighting through its encounters goes, anyway.

(I'm on Normal difficulty for the record, since I felt bad for easy-streeting MGS 3 last time. Higher difficulties in RPGs usually means playing more tactically and resetting a lot to be adequately prepared, which'll just add another ten hours onto what will no doubt be an already long playthrough.)

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@slag: Still pretty early on but it feels like a lost Infinity Engine game. That's a definite plus in my book. I want to get a better grasp on its ruleset and quirks before I make any declarative statements, but I'm super into it right now.

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2: For defunct MMOs, I'd say use the present sense when talking about the game itself (mechanics, setting, story (if any)), and past tense when describing its online features, like scheduled events or user communication. I'd definitely need a MMO expert to chime in on this, since I never touch the things. I'm not even sure how many let you keep playing offline after the servers have gone down.

8/9. Site preference for the most part. It's possible to write titles with accented characters, but until recently it was never certain if the search engine could read them reliably. It definitely can now ("Pokémon" would show up whether you searched for "pokemon" or "pokémon"), but these days we tend to err on the side of consistency. (Release titles are expected to follow suit for consistency as well.) Macrons, which are elongated vowels often found in romaji, are better expressed as two letters (like "oo" or "ou" for "ō"). We do have an exception I forgot to mention: If a title is spelled out with an accented character on the official box art, we accept it. So that includes Ōkami, the aforementioned Pokémon and a handful of others.

15. Scans of instruction manuals. It's considered copyrighted material. Official box art is exempt for reasons I forget (it's a necessary exemption for promotional purposes? I'm useless with copyright laws).

But yeah, nothing about this guide is final yet. At the moment it's just a list of stuff I've picked up while working on the wiki over the years, from seeing what others have done and talking out stylistic quandaries with senior editors. There's a ton of pages old and new that don't conform to many or all of these "unwritten rules" because they have remained exactly that for so long.