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Just a small thing about the C-word, since it came up: This site is very international, and has a larger than average percentage of users from the UK and other British-English-speaking countries where that word is more socially accepted. What I've learned (as a UK duder) from writing blogs and updating the wiki since I've been here is that this is a US site and their rules apply. That means dropping a few Us from words, calling it a sidewalk and excising what is a fairly common cussword from our lexicon. As Rorie stated, it's verboten.

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I'm stoked that most of the conversations here are perfectly civil, and that folk are helping us find the less savory posts by flagging them. Keep this up.

I do want to ask that people who append their posts with stuff like "but this will probably get deleted because opinions are bad" should either make sure that what they're saying is genuinely not breaking any rules, or give us more credit. There is literally over a thousand posts in this thread, many of which disagree with the site's stance on this topic and are challenging it politely and those posts are still here. Sorry to sound snippy, but we've been moderating comments for over 20 hours this week (or at least feels like that many) and it's taking its toll.

But seriously, you guys are great overall. I think we have one of the best gaming communities on the web. I wouldn't be a moderator here if I didn't believe that.

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This is moving super fast, but I just wanted to thank the vast majority of you who are being civil when expressing your cases. That includes many of the GG people. I'll just reiterate that we are not allowing people to insult each other, the staff or anyone else. Thanks again.

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Usual rules, guys. Keep it civil.

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Blogging about games that came out this year? You've changed man. It used to be about the pixels. I would like to hear your thoughts on Might and Magic VIII though, maybe I'll look that up. It's a super weird game in some respects.

I'm still inching my way through Wizardry 8. That game is already slow enough without everything else eating up my time this month. My party's around level 12/13 at this point and many encounters have become trivial with all the gadgets and instruments I'm using. I'm so glad I restarted with a gadgeteer and bard; the game's considerably more interesting with those two.

At any rate, I'll probably put Wiz8 aside for a while after my birthday later this month. I suspect I might have a few more contemporary games to be getting on with by then, and I still need to put together a top ten for 2014 that doesn't include a bunch of middling Steam games because I needed to make up the numbers. I'd also like that list to include either Divinity: Original Sin or Wasteland 2, and you make it sound like the former is the one to go for.

Semi-unrelated, but have you been keeping an eye on the giant Wizardry retrospective over at HardcoreGaming101? It's been pretty interesting so far, as someone who's only really played 8 (and that Forsaken Land PS2 game).

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@oreospeedwagon: I apologise. It sounded like you were hypothesizing that he would call you "one of you people" in a dismissive tone and refuse to have an honest conversation with you if you tried to engage him on the topic.

I hope you realise it's been a long week for us. I'll try to be more careful with my reading comprehension in the future.

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@oreospeedwagon: Did... did you just accuse someone of being prejudiced because they seem like someone who might be prejudiced?

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@devoureroftime: Ah, of course it's a Vita game. It's also why I don't have it yet. I'm actually kind of hoping it follows these other Ys games to Steam, though I've got plenty of other reasons to get a Vita at this point.

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Guys, you know the drill:

  • No coming in here to insult Ms. Sarkeesian (and while civil criticism of her work is fine, it's perhaps not the best time for that either).
  • No coming in here to say "this isn't news" or "stop giving this attention" or "video games!" or anything else equally dismissive. Patrick is reporting on news that occurred within the games industry to an outspoken video games critic. That is his job.
  • Civil debate is fine. If you want to continue posting the same polite pro-GG arguments you had yesterday on the Brianna Wu article, you are free to do so. (Just... I dunno, keep in mind that every new "death threat against a female industry figure while GamerGate just coincidentally happens to be a thing" article that goes up makes your platform a little less tenable.)

Comments in parentheses are my opinion, not necessarily shared by the other moderators or staff.