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Done up to here.

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@slag: I didn't make enough Teen Girl Squad references, so the game Arrow'd me on its behalf. (It was just bandits, dude. My royal carriage probably looked like Christmas to them.)

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SNES '94's doing fine. March has 49 releases, so I'm going to be here a while. I think I'll write something up after I'm done with this month, and go with a "quarterly report" sort of affair.

Regarding Arcade Archives and Minna de Spelunker Z, I'm glad someone's working on some of the weirder stuff that Jeff highlights. He had to put up the Butasan page himself because it didn't exist previously. If we had Wiki Bounties back, "games that have been recently shown or mentioned on Giant Bomb videos or the Bombcast" would be ideal for them. They're the only pages we can be sure people are looking for.

Legacy Company Page Corner: Still wondering if we ought to be combining Masaya and NCS Corporation. The former is the latter's video game division, so theoretically speaking everything video game related from NCS (which is a huge electronics corporation) should be Masaya. Still looking for back-up on that before I start working on it.

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@slambassador: Thanks for Papers, Please, duder! I'll add it to my list of monthly commissions.

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I could always use more CRPGs to review. Thanks for doing this for the community.

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@mattyftm: I'll second Elite and North & South. Great versions of those games. I think I spent hundreds of hours on Elite.

Here's a few more:

  • Coktel's Gobliins series (you can get the PC versions on GOG easily enough, though, as is true for many other RPG and adventure games)
  • Wizkid (Wizball's "sequel" and friggin' bizarre. You'd need a guide to figure out the logic behind its puzzles)
  • BSS Jane Seymour (a tense sci-fi dungeon crawler where fixing the ship's life support was your number one priority)
  • Lords of Chaos (one of those games I wish I could've figured out. Felt very like X-COM, but with bears you could summon)
  • Mega lo Mania (like Populous, with an emphasis on procuring Civilization-style technological superiority. I actually preferred this to Populous).
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Damn, what a question. A list of good Amiga games is something I've been working towards for June, since that's when Amiga/Atari ST turn 30.

The first thing is that any sort of action game and especially ports of Arcade stuff is bound to fall short. The system's joysticks had one button apiece, so most games either had to get creative with the controls or simply leave things out.

What the Amiga/ST excelled at instead were PC games before the PC was really a thing. In a sense, the Amiga/ST are similar to the consoles of today, in that they made PC games super accessible to folk who didn't want to worry about graphics cards and any number of weird hardware conflicts. The Amiga/ST had a couple of "upgraded" versions apiece (sort of like the RAM upgrades the TG16/Duo got) and that was largely it for fucking around with hardware. Because they had two-button mouse support, you were almost always better off with its mouse-driven games.

Here's a few suggestions:

  • Any early Sierra or LucasFilm game got a decent Amiga/ST port. Games like Secret of Monkey Island (though watch out for disk swapping), Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Fate of Atlantis, Zak McCracken, Loom, etc. The ST/Amiga also had the best versions of the MacVenture games IMO, since they actually had color and weren't nearly as hamstrung by poor controls as the Japan-made NES versions. There were a lot of less known point and clicks that wouldn't make it to PC, but you're on your own with most of that.
  • Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back are classics of the real-time dungeon crawling genre, and were more or less the originators of that specific sub-genre. Legend of Grimrock was very deliberately based on DM. The system saw a lot of imitators too, like Bloodwych, Captive and Knightmare (the latter of which was actually based on that goofy green-screen LARP kids show from the UK).
  • Other semi-decent CRPGs: Drakkhen (some weird shit, don't walk into signposts), Cadaver (thanks to Rare, or Ultimate Play the Game as they were known back then, the system had a lot of isometric puzzle games like this), Gold Box/Bard's Tale (if you wanna go further back) and the HeroQuest and Space Crusade board game adaptations from Gremlin.
  • Lemmings/Lemmings 2 were built for the Amiga, and that's a perennial puzzle favorite. Lots of ports, of course, but this was the origin point. Ditto with Cannon Fodder.
  • Arkanoid 2 is one of the rare Arcade ports that works because of the mouse. The system had a lot of BreakOut clones if I recall. Magazines used to feature a separate "bat and ball" genre designation because there were so many.
  • The Dizzy games were perhaps one of those time and place things, but you didn't really see adventure platformer games like that before or since. Try Fantasy World Dizzy or Magicland Dizzy with an infinite lives cheat enabled (it's kinda bullshit to get an hour into one of those and fluff a tricky jump).
  • A lot of C64 ports looked a lot better on the Amiga/ST, not to mention loaded in a fraction of the time. Wizball, for instance. Trouble was, you were usually trading off its excellent SID music.

I seriously have hundreds more of these. These were the systems I grew up with. Hopefully you find a few games to turn you around on that old thing.

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Sorry, just another review this week. Have a lot planned for the following week, now that M&MX is complete.

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@bobafettjm: Yep. Whether or not a company page should exist is one of those tricky, debate-worthy topics that will need to be locked down for this hypothetical style guide of ours.

Our main roadblock right now with creating legacy pages is that it can be hard to interpret which incarnation of a company that's gone through a lot of changes (say, Atari SA/Infogrames) is responsible for the game page you're working on. You don't get a whole lot of info from the drop-down menu when adding companies to releases, for example, and I usually have to check to see whether I meant Victor Interactive or Victor Entertainment.

Still, I always like to credit a game to the company that made it, not the company it eventually morphed into after a few name changes and staff turnovers.

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