10 Favoritest Genres Of All Time

Just to be clear: I don't use a word as classy as "favoritest" for just anything.

I went with genres over games for a bit more variety. The reason it's a list of games is because they're representative.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

You ever play Gladius? It's a favorite SRPG here, even though it doesn't feel quite like FFT or Ogre Tactics.

Metroidvania can be wearying if done wrong. I like the idea of seeing something that you can't beat and then later beating it, but sometimes backtracking is used to substitute for fresh content. There are many ways to do this sort of thing, but I think the sense of experimentation and discovery is what makes some of these games much better than others.

I liked Pyschonauts as a 3D platformer, even though I sometimes liked it in spite of the kind of platformer it was.

Going to be getting Alpha Centauri, which is a kind of exploration strategy game. I'm still hoping that this genre will see a branching out into more styles and genres, since it seems like there are only a few real break out titles for this one.

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@ahoodedfigure: I got quite far with Gladius but never beat it. I appreciate how it was a bit more open than most SRPGs - usually you only have a choice of a random encounter for grinding or the next big story battle. I think I got overwhelmed with how much arena progression there was left to do.

Metroidvanias I've found can be a "little goes a long way" type of affair, since I usually take pains to go everywhere and get everything, which tends to mean seeing the same places over and over as I backtrack. But I love jumping into a new one if the mood strikes me.

Psychonauts wasn't a great game from a purely mechanical perspective, but it was an amazing experience regardless, full of wit and innovation. I think a lot of people feel the same way. Ditto with Brutal Legend, though I guess that depends more on how much you enjoy RTS games (and heavy metal).

I'm really just hoping for more games like Star Control 2. The combat was far from the best part of that game. Main issue I have with it is the strict (and invisible) time-limit, which really hassles you to get things done sooner than later when all I want to do is explore and scan planets, Mass Effect style.
Posted by Mento

Also, for anyone trying to read that list all those "WHAT?"s must make it sound like a DMX song.

Posted by Video_Game_King

I don't see any Fire Emblem or Bahamut Lagoon underneath the strategy RPG entry. You should probably fix that immediately.

Posted by Slag

I dig this list