Attention Duellists!

To go hand-in-hand with a recent article about rivals, I've put together a list of famous duels in video games. The "duel boss" is a fairly common video game trope, so I've narrowed it down to ten that have some significance to not only the games they appear in but the gaming medium overall. Lofty stuff indeed?

List items

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Posted by Video_Game_King

What about that shitty Cecil/Cecil duel in The After Years?

Posted by Mento

@Video_Game_King: I haven't played any of the After Years stuff. Frankly, I'm afraid to.

Posted by Video_Game_King

You should be. If you have any love for Final Fantasy, The After Years will want it dead in the most brutal manner possible.

Posted by csl316

I've actually never seen Frog v. Magus and kind of don't want to acknowledge it.

But I wil acknowledge Dante v. Vergil in DMC3. Strangely emotional, man.