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Posted by Mento

For the record, both Recettear: An Item's Shop Tale and Picross 3D would be on here if I was 100% sure if they counted or not (both came out in Japan before 2010, but were localized this year).

Posted by TeflonBilly

I ordered Singularity off Play the other day with Alpha Protocol, so maybe I'll get to check it out before I finalize my list. 
Is the gameplay in Nier any good or is it just your standard fare JRPG? It's like £9,99 on Play.

Posted by Mento

Nier's gameplay isn't anything special, just the usual kind of action RPG gameplay you'd find in Kingdom Hearts or most MMOs, complete with an inordinate amount of optional fetch quests. Like Killer7 or Psychonauts, if you were going to play it you'd play it for the story. If you play the new game+ (which is nice enough to bump you ahead to the halfway point) it gets even weirder/darker.

Posted by Siphillis

Definitely a refreshing perspective, even if I only agree with a couple of choices. 
And yeah, did not care much for Bayonetta either.