Call of Duty MadLibs

Try it at home? I guess? This may be the dumbest thing I've ever created, I don't know.

How It Starts: A rogue dictator, [antagonist], has taken control of the small [type of settlement] of [name of settlement]. You play the silent but deadly [protagonist], a [protagonist's role] in a small team instructed to infiltrate the base and take down the [name of enemy forces] at any cost before they can launch [a superweapon] and kill millions of innocent [group of NPCs].<br>
How It Plays: Numerous [main weapon]-fights, several on-rail sections as [something that explodes] explosions go off while you're piloting a [vehicle] and at least one nervewracking sequence where you must stealth your way across [difficult level involving stealth].<br>
How It Ends: After a catastrophic chase, everyone in your team is lying around you dead or dying as [antagonist] leers over you. With your last ounce of strength you hurl a [protagonist's weapon] at [antagonist] and kill him (or her) before blacking out. Patriotic music swells up as you get stretchered home, your fate undetermined.<br>

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