Castlevania Checklist: A Miserable Little Pile of Draculas Yet To Beat

I'm a big fan of Konami's series of vampire killing platformers, perhaps their most famous franchise that doesn't involve cardboard boxes. Yet I'll be daggered if I still don't have a veritable holy waterfall of these gothic adventures left to whip in the keister, so I axed myself why I haven't taken the time to stopwatch I'm doing and cross off the rest. So that's what this is: a list of Castlevania games I've beaten followed by a list I have yet to see the ending of (though I suspect they could end with the all-too-transitory death of one Mr. D. Dracula).

I am of course excepting those Pachinko games. Because what the fuck.

List items

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, I'm confused. Did you beat these, or did you not beat these? Because the title implies that you haven't, but the text is all over the place.

Posted by Mento

@Video_Game_King: I beat the first half (1-15) but not the second half (17-28), with the idea that I move games from the second half into the first half once they're done.

I am definitely testing the limits of what can be coherently done with the list format, I'll grant you.

Edited by Brackynews

I heart this list! You have many laurels and I hate to rib you about it, but the puns make my eye bleed. What a horrible night to read your verse... ;O_O; I'll check again in the morning star.

Posted by OneAndOnlyBigE

Circle of the Moon gets a bad rap in my opinion. It's actually my favorite of all the GBA Castlevanias.

I really enjoyed Lord's of Shadow and look forward to the next one, but man you've got to play Dracula's Curse ASAP, that game is doooope.

Posted by ThePaleKing
Posted by Mento

@Brackynews: @OneAndOnlyBigE: @ThePaleKing: Thanks for the comments! I might just knock out a few of these when Halloween rolls around.