Crouching Heroine, Hidden Princess

That's a pretty fruity title, I'll admit. Essentially, these are female deuteragonists who pretend not to be princesses (or simply don't realise their lineage) and it's always a big shock to absolutely no-one when the truth is revealed. It's a trope I've seen at least three times this year alone, which might be an indication that I should stop playing games with princesses in them.

Next week in butch Mento lists: Top Ten Most Adorable Unicorns.

(Also I guess there's SPOILERS. But they're really not. Also, between making this list and whatever year you the reader is in right now (2015? Maybe?), some bright spark decided Tetra and Sheik were alter-egos of Zelda and didn't deserve separate pages, so I've had to do some creative editing.)

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Posted by ZombiePie

Now let me tell you about crouching heroin, hidden coke. 

Posted by medacris

You've inspired me to wonder who would win in a pirate-vs.-ninja fight of Tetra vs. Sheik.

Posted by OrfBC

Nice one, but it would have been nice to know what games they're from.