Famicom's Thirtieth

Hey folks. If you frequent any retro-gaming sites, you'd know that the Famicom - the Japanese equivalent of the NES - turned 30 this week. While its American 30th birthday is a couple years off, it's still an important milestone in this great medium of ours. I don't need to tell you that the NES more or less resurrected the gaming industry after the big crash of '83, and it all began 30 years ago.

As such, I've been wracking my brain on how to do a proper NES-based list for this red-letter day. I mean, beyond putting 30 items on it. I figured that much out at least. So I've elected to highlight thirty Famicom games that are so obscure that I actually had to add them to the wiki myself, and have included a little bit of history for each of these esoteric little beauties. It's worth remembering that while there were around 700 NES games, there were more than a thousand for the Famicom and nearly 200 more for the Famicom Disk System, so that's almost double the releases all told. A lot of weird shit exists beyond that language barrier.

Final Note: I can't stress enough how great Chrontendo is as a documentary on old Nintendo tapes and the era of gaming surrounding that console. It's why I managed to fill out so many Famicom pages, after all. That might sound vaguely plagiaristic, actually, so I think I'd be better off keeping that quiet. None of you read this paragraph, all right?

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short list, but nice writeup!

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Up to Pro Yakyuu, I've only heard of two or three of them (Airwolf is throwing me off). Let that stand as a testament to how obscure these titles are.

Also, I'm playing that Mindseeker game now. It must be done.

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Famicom box art is pretty much the best ever.

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Every now and again, I vaguely contemplate either attempting a run of Ganso Saiyuuki myself or even doing a stream of it, following in Arino's footsteps. As somebody who's played a decent chunk of Takeshi no Chousenjou, I'm someone who tolerate really abjectly terrible Famicom games for long stretches and sometimes actively go out of my way to collect them for morbid laughs. But every time I watch Arino struggle with that game, I feel like I'd break in the ways that only the best of the worst can and I worry it might all be too much for me. Legendary kusoge indeed.