Favorite PS2 Games

It seems that now that the PS2 is officially retired, happily running around a farm somewhere "up north", everyone's talking about the wealth of games for that system and the few in particular that really stood out for them personally. Having such a huge library means that any one person's top ten games for the system is bound to be unique to them in particular. There's no doubting it had the lion's share of universally regarded classics, but everyone has their own tastes, as occasionally weird and unsavory as they might be.

Here's a bunch of PS2 games I particularly enjoyed. However, it might be worth mentioning that the second list I ever made for this site has over 40 PS2 games I have yet to play through but some day intend to. So I'm not done with Sony's jagged little box, not by a long shot.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

It seems our interests diverge again with the inclusion of FF12. I'll just say that I found FF12 to be the type of game that didn't really need a player around and seemed to hate my presence.