Finally, a Boss "Final Boss Theme"-Themed List

Hey all. That Japanophiliac jackanape Hailinel couldn't do his final boss blog series this month (I can attest to how time-intensive a month-long daily blog series can get) so I've thrown together a composite of 30 final boss themes as a hopefully worthy substitute. We all need to celebrate our final boss fights somehow, consarnit.

I've tried to provide some context behind these tracks without including anything too spoilery, because I know how much the internet likes that, and although a list of 30 might necessitate a bit of padding here and there I've tried to represent a wide spectrum of styles and emotional tones. Each track is a testament to that respective game's unique personality, and that of its composer(s).

Because the current list system still doesn't allow you to embed links in individual entries, here's a handy YouTube playlist that you can all follow along with at home. It's just over 2 hours long, so have fun.

(One last thing: Make sure you don't look at the YouTube comments for these videos. Not because they have spoilers for the games they pertain to (they may well have) but because they're YouTube comments.)

List items