How Not To Start Your Adventure

Inspired in part by a discussion of Kingdoms of Amalur on the 01-31-2012 Bombcast. Everyone on this list has a similar issue: They died either moments after starting the game, or some time before. Generally not how you want to begin your (bogus) journey to video game stardom and beyond, but these guys managed to do okay despite their handicap. "Death is but a door, the video game monitor is but a window."

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Posted by Brackynews

Sadly 999 would not seem to qualify for the 9th spot here.

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Posted by Mento

@Brackynews: Even more sadly, I haven't had the chance to play it yet and had no idea it had dead people in it. But then not playing the game didn't stop my Ghost Trick and Painkiller inclusions. Tell you what, I'll buy a copy and then add it once I know what's going on.