It Would Be Pretty Neat If These Games Got Translated Into English

So that I could play them and read all the words.
Welcome to a list.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I always wonder what sort of cool stuff is going on behind the language barrier. Not enough for me to learn Japanese, I guess, but I don't want to put translators out of work.  Yeah, that's it.

Posted by Mento

I probably have more than enough games that actually did get localized to worry too much about these. But still, I'm kind of sore about that third Chibi Robo. C'mon fan translators.

Posted by LordAndrew

Tales of Graces F is officially coming to North America in 2012. That of course gives them plenty of time to decide to cancel it.

Edited by Mento

I should point out that I took Tales of Graces F off this list once I'd heard confirmation that it was destined for the chilly shores of my fair Albion as well. 
Darn Japanese companies ruining my righteous indignation by kindly acquiescing to the unreasonable demands of myself and other fans. The audacity of those scoundrels.

Posted by mathewsx11

no gyakuten kenji 2?