List of Games Beaten in 2010

The topic is succinct enough, any supplemental text is unnecessary. Oh, I was supposed to leave this blank if that was the case? Well, no-one tells me anything.

Some stats, then, since the year seems to have passed:

  • Total Games Completed: 67 (hence the number of entries on the list, I suppose. This was a great lead-in, everybody!)
  • 2010 Games Completed: 17 (Relatively small: barely a quarter. So I guess that proves new games are expensive? These are the worst stats ever.)
  • 2009 Games Completed: 15 (I'm always playing catch-up)
  • 10+ Year Old Games Completed: 0 (so much for being a proponent of the classics...)
  • Games Started But Not Finished: 7 (does this suggest I choose my games well? Or that I have an OCD tendency to finish more of them than a normal gamer might?)
  • System Breakdown: PS3 (33), PS2 (10), Steam (6), 360 (6), Wii (5) DS (3), PSP (3), N64 (1). (Maybe I should change my username colour to blue?)
  • First Game of Year: Uncharted 2 (a high note, then)
  • Last Game of Year: Super Meat Boy (because that's how you want to spend New Year's)

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