N64 Games That Should Get The 3DS Treatment

I'm tempted just to add every N64 game I like here (and there's a few), or fill this with joke entries like my other (recently downvoted!) 3DS list, but instead I'll focus on those that were a little too graphically ambitious for a system noted for its blurry haziness (like the moors of Scotland) as well as those games that were perhaps a little before their time and could prosper in today's video game climate. God dammit, why did I have to use "video game climate" in a sentence. I do it to myself, I do.

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Am I seriously the only person who likes Quest 64? Also, Chameleon Twist? Seriously? Those games kinda sucked.

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Posted by Mento

@Video_Game_King: You know, you probably have a point about Chameleon Twist. It took Patrick saying he was having flashbacks to that "terrible chameleon platformer" in the Kirby Mass Attack QL to fully convince me. I'm going to switch it out with something else.

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What a strange coincidence! I wrote a list like this one when I read Nintendo Life's article on N64 remakes.

They definitely made a Star Fox 64 remake.

For Goemon, I forgot to put the Mystical Ninja game. I should have thought more about Majora's Mask and other games like Crystal Shards and their new features. You can't remake a N64 game without having something new and innovative.