Square-Enix Soundtracks I'd Like To See Theatrhythmicized

Like more than a few fellow JRPG Bombers, I've been utterly obsessed of late with the Square-Enix/Indie Zeros musical nostalgia trip that is Theatrhythm. However, as of now the game is staying within the confines of the venerable Final Fantasy series. This is fine, since Nobuo Uematsu is a goddamn musical tyrannosaur (Sakimoto and Hamauzu aren't slouches either) and it's quite a large series packed with memorable music to easily fill up a goofy little portable game like this with DLC to spare.

Even so, there have been other Square-Enix (either as a single entity or as separate companies) games with superb VGM that deserve equal share of the colored-button-tapping limelight. Here's a few I was able to think of, with sample tracks from YouTube that I hope to Safer Sephiroth still work when someone finds this list months from now.

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Posted by Otogi

No Deus Ex? You don't want to battle to the beat as JC or Adam?