Turn and Face the Chain (Ch-Ch-Chainses)

Like all middle-class white males, I'm afraid of chains. So when I see gigantic ones in my video games, it's definitely pause for thought. The first of which invariably is, "What the hell, why did someone make this? How did they make this?"

It's perhaps an odd bit of fantasy architecture to focus on considering how truly alien some games choose to make their visions of other worlds, but there's something oddly breathtaking about a massive chain you can run along that stretches out for yards and miles. I mean, we as a species are probably capable of making chains like that, but what reason would we have to ever need to? And that's really where the true insanity comes in: Not with the colossal chains themselves, but what equally colossal thing they've been built to chain down.

Anyway, here's a brief smattering of links to games with unusually large chains. Yep. Getting the "links" joke out of the way with early.

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Posted by GlenTennis

What about Django: The Game Based On The Film?

Posted by Mento

@GlenTennis: Never played it. I played the GBA spin-off, Unchained of Memories, though. Thought it was really effin' weird that Django stopped shooting people and just threw cards at them instead.