Video Game Absurdity (Now In List Flavor!)

I created a blog this week (right here in fact) about games that focus on absurdist and surrealist humor as a stylistic method to either frame an otherwise unremarkable game (like Amped 3) or modify the gameplay in a way so that it becomes purposefully abstruse for the sake of comedy (like You Don't Know Jack). I've taken that idea a little further here with this list, thinking of as many absolutely absurd games as possible and how their particular brand of crazy enhances (or mars) their respective gameplay experiences.

I have no idea why I'm talking about this list like it's some college essay. It's a list of crazy games, y'all. For more weirdness, might I suggest these TVTropes pages? It's not like I'm subtle about my browsing that site for ideas.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Eh, LSD isn't that out-there. After a while, the insanity becomes normal, and I don't mean that in a "I AM NOW INSANE, NOIRING FLURPLE DEFST"; I mean that in the sense that you can tell what's going to happen in your adventures, and even if you can't, there's not a good chance it'll surprise you or come off as a mad-man's fever dream. Strange, yes, but just that.

Oh, and you should totally add El Shaddai to this list. It's exactly opposed to LSD in that regard: it looks like it has a clear focus and narrative, but there's no goddamn way it can achieve any of that, since its mind is all over the place at so many times.