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Ok, guys, I'm going to ask this politely. Why are you guys going to Gamespot? As much as I know it'll result in bigger budgets and salaries for you guys, and yay that, but we go to Giant Bomb because it's NOT Gamespot, or IGN, or any of those other dumb sites.

I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying try your hardest to keep the sites seperate. I'd really appreciate not seeing anyone fired for some stupid reason like the controversy with Gamespot a few years back. So PLEASE try and stay who you guys are. Thanks.

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I like it, but I don't like the white background of it. I don't think it's evocative of Twisted Metal, which revels in destroying your backyard. It's eye-catching, yes, but not in a good way.

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@dudeglove said:

news just in: no one cares about twisted metal any more.

You lie. There's plenty of people who care about this game on this comment thread alone. The sheer fact that you're posting this means on some level, you care about Twisted Metal, even if it is only to hate on it. 

Y'know, I can't help but think that those who are hating on this game are some extremely dumb people. They seem to be judging this game solely based on this trailer, which is incredibly short-sighted, as there's plenty of gameplay movies out there. 
This game is looking sweet...Pardon the pun. But just because Sweet Tooth transforms into a mech isn't a reason to hate this game. For one thing, it's an alternate special since, if you haven't heard, all the cars have two specials now. And even the weapons have been revamped to make them more strategic. I can understand hating on a lack of characters while the cars remain in tact, but Jaffe and the gang wanted to expand on the story instead of just making a fighting game style ending system the way they've been doing throughout the entire frikkin' series. So they made factions. And I highly doubt that Dollface and Sweet Tooth are the only ones, since I'm pretty sure we'll be getting at least Mr. Grimm and Preacher too.  The game modes look far more interesting than "murder everyone" and "murder everyone except the other cars on your team." The storyline movies look great, the environments are huge, dangerous, and great. There's flight in the series for the first time, and there's still a spirit to the cars that you can't oppress, even if it's just Sweet Tooth Gang Member #99 behind the wheel because, as Jaffe and Scott Campbell say, the spirit of the characters is always in the car. The driver helps, but the vehicles are the true characters of Twisted Metal. This game is hoping to expand on that with a Black-Like World without hurting Outlaw or No-Face or the World Tour version of Mr. Grimm or whoever's your favorite. And that's something I can appreciate.
As for those people who just don't think the game interests them? More power to you. But I'd like to see more people adopting this game, or at least giving it a rent. But if you don't wanna do that, I can't hate on you for it. 
One more thing, since this is turning into a diatribe. The guy who said that this looks like a game for the "juggalo" demographic? Just because it has clowns and violence does not make it a game for ICP fans. Sweet Tooth was being a clown and being a violent dude in an icecream truck in 96. 
As for those people who will be playing the game? Watch out for that burning chainsaw. That's me. And I'll be seeing you online.
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Man, the Tekken Anime film YEARS ago was better than this. I am never getting this, despite how much I love Tekken. Dang it Hollywood, can't you make ANY video game movie NOT suck?

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Strange, but that's what you get when you're dealin' with... 
DOUBLE FIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!! *guitar riff*

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Despite the QTE's seen in the debut trailer, but the trailer alone has me more hyped than Arkham Asylum, Sonic Colors, and Splatterhouse combined, my favorite games of 09-10. The fact that they're letting us PLAY the events we see in the trailer, 300-style arrows blotting out the sun, and a towering-over-earth buddha statue, and undoubtedly more, makes me salivate, no matter how it's implemented. 
I'm a big fan of beat 'em ups, like Splatterhouse, and the idea that Connect2 is focusing on making this the best beat 'em up they can instead of adding DLC, Co-Op or something else like that, is really an inspiration, focusing on the gameplay and the story. This is a must-have for me, whenever it comes out.

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I mostly stick with Ironheade as fast, heavy assault is what I'm tailor made for, and I'm not sure my strategies would work best with Doom and Coil. 
On the OTHER hand, Tainted Coil is fast becoming tied for my preferred faction. They're healing system is superb, the Hierarchy is really easy to understand, and I won a stage battle very easily by expanding my army to huge proportions and distracting the enemy, while I sent one Bleeding Death straight to the stage, where it demolished it just before it keeled over.

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As much as I love the world of Brutal Legend, I think that Double Fine should move away from the sandbox genre, and if you'll pardon me, I'm going to quote Yahtzee on why I think this way. 
Psychonauts was amazingly charming and funny, and that benefitted from a VERY tight and linear game design. Besides the mini-sandbox hub area, all the levels were very strict and straight on what you needed to do. Brutal Legend, being a sandbox, is so loose that it figuratively puts Schaefer's wit and humor through the ringer a bit. 
And since creating charming worlds and characters is what Tim Schaefer is most known for, and although I LOVE the hell out of Brutal Legend, I think that DF should either just release single player DLC, or move on to make an original IP. 
If they DID make a sequel, I'd personally like for it to be something more like a puzzle-platformer, with guitar solos being used like special moves or something similar. Also, I'd like for the story itself to be more about Riggnarok during the first human rebellion. That'd be sweet.

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I was going to say use the Bolt Thrower upgrade and ride your car into Battle. It easily takes out most Doom units that aren't vehicles, and keeps pesky commanders from killing all your dudes, through fierce knockback. 
On the other hand, if you wish to purely use units, then yeah, upgrade and double team with your Razor Girls and Fire Barons.

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Ok, now that I've actually played Tekken 6, I have to change my favorite character of all time. 
My new favorite character is...Bob. A speedy character with a ton of power behind him, not to mention the funniest ending movie I've ever seen. Not to mention he's the only guy I can beat Azazel with on the first try. 
So yeah. Bob FTW!

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