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Lars DOES seem to have trademark Mishima-style spiky hair though. I honestly find Bob to be a breath of fresh air compared to the uber-muscled fighters.  
In my opinion, every fighting game needs a guy like Bob.

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" Seeing a picture of the Armour King (sponsored by Armour Hot Dogs) it just makes me think... man, Tekken is still the most retarded fighting game on the planet.  I think we would all be excited to see a new and improved DOA game with more realistic breast physics, using the Forza 3 physics calcs, than this. A grandpa being the most badass character in the series and guy with a cat head?  Oh man, Street Fighter is heading down a similar path with retarded characters like Gen, Rufus and el Fuerte.  Please, someone help me here.  I think ill go back to play Soul Caliber 1 on the DC or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo "

You go ahead and do that, Grandpa. 
I honestly find Tekken's over-the-topness to be it's defining feature, the thing that sets it apart from other fighting games and makes it truly unique.    Not saying that you can't not enjoy the series. I'm just saying that you're stating something as if it were fact, when in actuality, it is your opinion. Oh, and Gen's been in the Street Fighter games since, like, Alpha 2.
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I've been playing Tekken since the very first game, way back on the PS1, and there it spun, unchallenged, for months on end. And I must say, there's a REASON it's the best selling 3D fighting game franchise of all time. The combat is surprisingly deep, despite it's simple controls, allowing both newbs to the franchise and expert players to pick it up and play with surprising ease, and it's four-button lay-out is practically tailor-made for consoles. 
Not to mention the game NEVER takes itself seriously. Paul's rival was once Kazuya, the "main" character of the series. Now? It's a GRIZZLY BEAR. That alone proves my point, but other things such as Yoshimitsu's odd moves, Roger's existence in general, and Xiaoyu's cartoony-looking endings only cement it further. 
I'm an unashamed Tekken Fanboy, it's true. But I'm proud of being a fanboy for such an awesome series.

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Probably not, due to lack of funds on my part, but I'm hoping to get it for my birthday next month, along with Brutal Legend. Of course, I'm job searching at the moment, so Tekken 6 will probably be the first thing I buy with it.

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Well...Uhhh...Hello. I'm Mephiles1990, obviously. I stumbled upon Giant Bomb thanks to an article on a gaming website (might've been Penny Arcade) Saying that Jeff Gerstman (from the then-recent Kane and Lynch Gamespot controversy) was a writer here. Since then, I've always come here for my video game news, reviews, previews, and other such things. I've been lurking since the site first went up, but decided just now to make an account here, so I can encourage this site in general.

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I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this to death no matter what the reviews say. I love this style of RTS (the first time I've seen it was in the rather obscure PS2 title "Giants: Citizen Kabuto".) and I'm a big fan of heavy metal, so I'll probably enjoy every second of this, and then I'll play it again. And again. And again. Because I'm strange like that.

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Brutal Legend is Brutally AWESOME. I'm SO happy that a game like this was made. It makes me happy.