This Just In: Sands of Time Still Greatest Game Ever

I just beat Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time again. How many times is that now? Three? Four? I've lost count. This by far the only single-player game I've found entertaining enough to warrant a second play-through (and a third, and a fourth). The platforming, the atmosphere, the characters... it's all just so Good. I wonder how the new Prince of Persia will compare (not to mention the movie)?

This time around I used the PC version for easy screenshots. The hundreds of new images combined with a complete article rewrite has turned the Giant Bomb game page into quite a looker. Now all I need to do is clean up the character and concept pages related to Sands of Time. To anyone else: help a guy out and edit these articles for readability!

Also: since when did images upload with a 100% success rate? It's about time!