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Just realized one: the Empty Set.

Always remember: a set that contains the empty set is not an empty set. Good times, Computer Science, good times.

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The screenshot looks more like Donald Sutherland. Or is Donald Sutherland voicing Big Boss?

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To those who own the soundtrack via Steam, what is the bitrate of the soundtrack files? I want to know if the quality is better than what you can obtain via Soundcloud, etc.

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I hope to see you around the site, Mr. Snider, and soon!

May the wind always be at your back.

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Warframe is now in open beta, so if lacking a beta key was holding you back, go ahead and give it a try.

I've enjoyed my time with the game so far (having a co-op buddy certainly helps). Things to appreciate:

  • Unique art style
  • Drum soundtrack
  • Strong sense of forward momentum
  • Different classes with fun active skills
  • Sliding, jumping, and wall running
  • Combination of guns and melee
  • Weapon and warframe crafting
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This article piqued my interest in Warframe, a game that I originally didn't give a second thought. Now I'm actually looking forward to the finished product.

@patrickklepek: This article showed up in the Giant Bomb RSS feed February 14, but the link in the feed always throws a 404 error. Maybe you could "repost" it? I hope no one misses this article due to that glitch!

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While I like your interpretation of each member of the Giant Bomb crew, your Persona-fied Brad especially captures his Bradley-ness. Please re-visit this project some day and complete it!

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@demoskinos: That's useful information, but it doesn't answer my question.

For example, I have a total of 23,523 wiki points with 1263 wiki points on The Sands of Time. Where on the page do I change the game's box art and header image?

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I'm enjoying the site redesign. It's very clean.

But I can't figure out where to change a page's header images. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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