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On PS3, i got a headset, I'll be on when i'm off work (I work random days)

PSN: MercerB

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oh god just watched a playthrough of the playable trailer, there is some creepy, unsettling stuff in there. Maybe I'll have to man up and play this game when it comes out.

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In the Infinite ways this could have happened I Never saw this coming...

BOOM...I'll be here all week, please tip your wait staff...

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I love the rating argument he had with an old Gamespot boss: Well, he wanted 4-stars and I wanted 5-stars so we just went with the 19-point system... haha

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It was unusual, but I honestly didn't care. Cinematics don't drop legendaries.

Amen brother

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Yeah, all you get is the class-specific book illustration, and all it says is "Hey Nephalem you're a badass!"

Oh and after you defeat Maltheal, Tyreal's like, welp soulstone destroyed I guess Diablo is free! End of Game lol

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I was rolling my eyes pretty hard at all the knee jerk reaction. Just because a company is invested in or "bought" doesn't mean the company investing is going to take full control of the product.

Contracts can be written up to ensure that there is minimal outside interference. And I would hope that Facebook wouldn't be stupid enough to start sticking their noses into the development of the OR since that would be disadvantageous as well.

In other words, there was no way the Rift would be going anywhere with just small investments and backing from Kickstarter. So people need to calm the fuck down.

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Must have been Skyrim, there's always one more cave or one more compass marker to chase after XD

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@tennmuerti: @oldmanlight: Yeah, I think I may have ended up leveling too fast to find appropriate gear. I've been trying different builds along with One With Everything. I probably need to find a good shield to boost survivability in higher torments anyway.

Just think I'm burnt out on the class I guess.

DH is fragile but I like the battefield management and quickness a little more.

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Prior to loot 2.0 patch, my highest was lvl 47 monk, because I didn't want to use AH and was getting my ass handed to me on Nightmare Act 2. Since the patch the Monk is 60, but now i'm finding that I'm not really a fan of the need for the monk to bail out of fighting on and off.

So now I'm working on my DH to get her up to 60 and start paragoning proper with her.