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So today I sold off all of my video game related stuff. I haven't played for a couple of months between university and a general change of direction in my life and it turned out games weren't the best use of my time.

Despite these changes I still follow video games almost daily and have no intention to not do so. I just renewed my premium membership for the site too. So my question is....... anyone else in the same boat?

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This whole thing was so much cooler when it just seemed like Assassin's Vs Templars

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I really think that just handing over our money to get him "back on his feet" is a dumb idea. I have sympathy for the guy it must suck but it's not like he's been made homeless or anything. I'm sure he'll survive without our money.

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Brad is a great host. Something I would not have predicted, he manages to both be on point and meandering at the same time

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Because there is no justice in this world. Also Burnout doesn't make nearly as much money as Need For Speed and so Criterion has basically been gutted to put together Ghost Games which is essentially the Need For Speed studio.

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The game is a year old. I say fair play.

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Burnout Paradise

Arkham Asylum

Gears Of War 3

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Last Of Us

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It took me about 6 months of calling them to get them to actually cancel auto renew. Every time I tried to cancel it would either error out or say it was going through then next month I would still get billed. It was a fucking terrible customer service experience. Never again. Only pre paid cards from now.

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They don't. It's the biggest sport in the world.

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I got bored of Nathan Drake: Mass Murderer 3. Not particulary psyched for another one. Became hugely predictable. Would rather see Naughty Dog with another new IP.