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The Return Of The Joker is the greatest Batman film ever because of this scene. Love it.

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I find I just have to stick with it and essentially practice at one game. I used to be pretty good at Gears and then I stopped playing for about a year. Tried again the other day and I was a a complete waste of space. Just stick at it.

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It's Facebook. If you're not wary of them out of principle you should be.

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I hate his voice. I feel like he's ruining England for the English. I love haircuts though. Love that pre cut hair wash.

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Yeah it was great to hear someone speak candidly about game development and companies failures. Very interesting stuff.

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@alex: Any way to get them up on GB or is that all tied up in a legal death trap?

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Who is that guy?

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Also I just got back into training for rowing, which I had to give up a few years back. Back to 9 sessions a weekish

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I usually train my body everyday. Though lately I've kinda been in depression mode and slacking off. Anyway I'll go to the gym and do an hour of Cardio on the elliptical, though you'll never catch me doing this kind of training.

I got nothing but respect for the guy in the vid, but this vid is just weird. You could say he was trying to become a saiyan, or he imagine bustin the greatest nut of his existence, but regardless I don't see myself doing this. Unless I really feel like screaming for some odd reason.

Elliot Hulse is a madman. Love his videos.

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@slic_21 said:

@tennmuerti: Doesn't matter as all combat feels the same. Lock the camera and turn around them and wait to attack, or attack and move back. Who cares if it's hard when it's so goddamn boring!

Are you trying to say that Skyrim's combat isn't completely terrible? I don't have as strong feelings for either of the games as some people but on a pure mechanical level the Dark Souls combat is way better than Skyrim. Skyrim's combat never feels like you're actually hitting something with force it just feels like you're waving a sword around, it's far more dull than Dark Souls.