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What happens? I don't have the game or a system right now but I'm drinking up everything about this game so I must know!

Paz is actually alive. They got both of the bombs out of her at the end of Ground Zeroes. going back and watching the cutscene you can see how well it was cut to hide all the clues.

But but..... Then why did she explode?

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What happens? I don't have the game or a system right now but I'm drinking up everything about this game so I must know!

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Every once in a while I think I'll switch to WP, I think they're really neat but I just want the security of having apps that I get with android.

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The gameplay has looked shite from everything I've seen. Which absolutely sucks because THPS3 is my favourite game everr. The visual style of the game is the last of my worries.

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I'll be back in September for unnayy

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Ultron wasn't scary at all which was its worse sin. James Spader's voice lends itself to being so sinister and dangerous that him making jokes all the time put me off. To the point where when Hulk jumps of the jet at the end and he exclaims "Oh for Gods sake" I actually groaned. He never actually seemed like a physical threat to any of them, when he fought Iron Man and Thor they just kind of twiddled in the air for a while.

Hulk and Black Widow was just weird. It never crossed my mind that The Avengers were actually in danger. The ending with the helicarrier turning up was beyond stupid. Everytime something cool was about to happen they cut away "Oh, look! Thor is about to go toe to toe with Ultron I guess we should cut away to ten minutes of Captain America herding civilians!".

Oh also the end of the Hulkbuster was really stupid. You have established that The Hulk is basically an unstoppable force, it seems like they just needed to end the fight quickly after they couldn't think of any more spectacle to throw at it. It takes one little random punch at the end to somehow stop him?

I know people say that DC is trying to go too serious but I think that this film was way too Whedon, too quipy for its own good. Love it or hate it atleast Man Of Steel mad a splash, every Marvel movie at this point in my mind I just come away from it think "well that happened". All they seem to serve is building Avengers 3 & 4 at the expense of their own story.

Also the ending where they are all buddy buddy completely threw me off. Maybe my expectations were off but I was really hoping this movie would kick off the Civil War in a big way, where the team barely survives Ultron and at the end are in complete disarray. Also for what happened Tony Stark should really be given a kick in the balls. The man almost destroyed the world and no one seems to mention this.

I did like how Hawkeye and the twins were played up though, was unsure about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch before going in but I thoroughly enjoyed both, and was pretty ballsy to kill off Quicksilver at the end instead of just hanging onto him for the sake of it.

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I'm just gonna say it. I think both Use Your Illusion albums aren't very good. And another thing.......I love Chinese Democracy. If I had to rank their releases I'd have to go;

Appetite, Chinese, Gnr Lies, UYI 2, UYI 1, The Spaghetti Incident

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I would watch them again from the beginning of the series and pay attention to what is going on. They do a bit of Quinton Tarantino shit later on with the sequence of events. It's worth it to pay attention to what's going on.

The Series in order:

THE Fast and THE Furious (new copies of it will say "the original" on the box)

2 Fast 2 Furious

Tokyo Drift

Fast and Furious (the one you watched)

Fast Five

Fast Six

Furious 7 (the one in theaters now)

...could they make it any more confusing?

I'm just waiting for a reboot of the series so they can make THE-The Fast and the Furious and then it's sequel THE-The Fast and the Furious Part Duex: The Sequel.

Not quite. The 6th one is Fast And Furious 6. None of the movies has the same sequel titling pattern as any of the others. We have replacing words with numbers, no number with a subtitle, original title minus definite articles with no number, removing all but one word from the title with a number, original title minus definite articles but with a number this time, and removing all but a different word from the title with a number. I look forward to The Fast and the Furious 8: British Underground, just to keep up the non matching trend.

In England they tried to make it a bit more coherent by calling Fast Five "Fast and Furious 5: Rio Heist". I could of sworn that 6 was originally called Furious 6 though? As a direct follow up to Fast 5. I don't know. All I know it that I love them and none of my friends understand why.

EDIT: Yup Fast and Furious 6 was originally called Furious 6 if this shit wasn't already confusing enough

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So today I sold off all of my video game related stuff. I haven't played for a couple of months between university and a general change of direction in my life and it turned out games weren't the best use of my time.

Despite these changes I still follow video games almost daily and have no intention to not do so. I just renewed my premium membership for the site too. So my question is....... anyone else in the same boat?

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This whole thing was so much cooler when it just seemed like Assassin's Vs Templars