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Skyrim and Dark Souls aren't really compareable.

Skyrim is mediocre.

You are correct sir!

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Skyrim and Dark Souls aren't really compareable.

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Persona 5 my friend.

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Every game that Nintendo makes is a remake. Pow powwwww.


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Probably a terrible person in every way.

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I like Jack Tretton, I like what he brings to those sometimes intolerable conferences. I think what I liked is that he IS a professional and just reminded me that it is a business and that is what they are there to do. No shitty fluff and trying to be cool, or "yo I'm a gamer yo" annoying shit, just I'm here because they are paying me and I'm mildly excited about this, just appreciated that about him. He will be missed by me.

And that no DRM mic drop moment last year was great with a very subtitle "and you'll pay for multi now" during the tears of joy.

That's why I like Sony press conferences in general. They just are slicker than the others. Especially Microsoft. Microsoft always tries to have banter between speakers and it never works.

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Spiderman 3. God I've never been so dissapointed in a film ever.

Having just watched that trailer again I now realise there is motherfucking Godzilla roar at 1:30. NOW ITS TWICE AS DISAPPOINTING.

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Fix it with a romantic gesture.

Dick in a box springs to mind.

Welcome to the site. A worthy first entry.

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On the IGN rewind theatre they were talking about the CGI in the trailer as if it was the actual gameplay. I'm excited for the game nevertheless. Love me some Arkham and I'm not burned out on the series yet. I still have to get Origins thought.

Not too sure what I think about a useable Batmobile tbh. I like the traversal in the previous games.

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As someone who keeps up with games news from day to day, I don't need marketing to tell me when a game is coming out because I'm already aware. I like the reveal at E3 release that holiday format. Otherwise I tend to lose interest in a game.