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Hard to say anything. RIP Ryan, you are loved by more people than you know.

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Top stuff Patrick, great to hear more about Dust.

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Excellent, managed to get a GBHI invite from playing on TNT.

Will be on this weekend again too, GMT and might be playing Far Cry 3 but whatever the case throw me an invite, would really like to get the expert maps achievement.

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I've added both you dudes, give me a shout if I'm online and we can do some co-op.

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Also started playing co-op again on 360 after the bombcast, would be great to play with you duders if anyone is still able to invite to GBHI.

GT is lego pencil.

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GT is lego pencil, my autolog is lonely.

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@Goldanas said:

All you UK fellows out there, was this a particularly good company? Did they have business practices that made you come back, or are they a company you wouldn't mind seeing gone, like Gamestop here in the U.S.?

I wasn't a fan. It was your traditional "can I help you with anything" as soon as you walked in, with a big emphasis on buying accessories or their GAME care guarantee thing.

They also pulled in a lot of the collector's or limited edition bundles so you couldn't get them anywhere else. As soon as they took the collector's of ME3 off their site and it appeared on 3 others, I was able to pick it up for £5 less.

If they go under I don't doubt that it will have an effect of the landscape of how people buy games, but I also don't think it will be for the worse.