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Kojima Pro, tri-Crescendo or Valve.

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@fwitness said:
" Is anyone else having trouble finding a working link to this?  The iTunes feed doesn't work, the direct download doesn't work.  I can't seem to find it hosted elsewhere...  Any help is much appreciated.  More GB crew just makes my day better. "
Same here. I want to listen to it but none of the links seem to work, even on iTunes the download is broken. Does anyone still have the file so they can mirror it? Thanks!
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Yeah, I figured it could be by design. Its not uncommon for websites to persist logs, history and what have you.
Still, reading a message in my outbox and then seeing that message appear in my empty inbox again seems like it could be a glitch?
Thanks for the information though!

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I had the same issue back when Giant Bomb first launched. That's quite a while ago so I'm having trouble remembering the exact solution for this, however. I think I remember the problem being Flash, have you tried updating to the latest version of the Flash player?

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@Nasos100: Glad to hear it! I suggested Sacred as its sort of a Diablo'esque hack & slash game. There's quite a few classes with a large open world. One of the few PS3 games of that kind, along with Dark Kingdom which is older and far more watered down, emphasizing more on simple hack & slashing with a linear story. If you thought Fallout 3 was great, then Borderlands might be worth checking out as well. While its a bit more action packed and takes itself a lot less serious as an RPG, it has some pretty neat gameplay elements.
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@Nasos100 said:
" I already have Eternal Sonata and VC seems  one of my best options. By the way what do you mean SRPG? "
SRPG stands for "Strategy Role Playing Game" meaning Valkyria Chronicles puts a lot of emphasis on strategic gameplay. Controlling many characters over a large battlefield, giving them commands turn based.
I was going to suggest Eternal Sonata to you as well, but seeing you already have that one, I'm not sure! Sacred is a half-decent RPG as well, though not as good or in the same branch as Eternal Sonata.
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I believe games will still have this uncanny valley effect for quite a while. Though, the big budget games these days such as Uncharted 2, Resident Evil 5, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Heavy Rain all put a lot of effort (and a lot of money) in finding good actors and putting them in a motion capture studio for most of the development cycle, so for quite a while now I've been having a good feeling about video game animation and cinematics.

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Hey guys,
I have a weird glitch with my Giant Bomb's profile mail outbox I think. Well, I'm not sure if its by design or not.  There were a few old messages in my inbox which I deleted, there were some in my outbox as well which I then tried to delete.  However, I'm not able to delete the messages in my outbox for some reason. Every time I select a message (or select all of them) and click on "Delete Selected" the page just jumps back to my inbox without actually deleting anything. Marking messages as read or unread works perfectly, though.  When I open and read a message in my outbox, a copy of the message is made in my inbox again for some reason. When I then try to delete the message in my outbox again, the message is removed in my inbox (but still refuses to remove the message in the outbox itself).
Happens with Firefox 3.5.6 on Windows 7 and Safari 4.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.6.2. I've had this bug for many months as well, though this is the first time I decided to submit it as a bug.

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I do most of my stuff under Mac OS X Leopard on my Mac, when I'm going for some gaming I use BootCamp for Windows 7 RC. Love them both.

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I really have no idea, came to the Trash Panic forum myself to look for an answer. As was said in the Quick Look, this game is hard! I've never even gotten an A ranking before myself, even though I try to play as good as I can. Have you been able to find out what the prerequisites are?