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To have the skills to make a worthwhile game also means having the skills to make 100 bucks in half a day's work.

Freelance out your graphic/programming/audio production talents. If no one on your team has those type of skills, how are you making a game at all?

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@august: I second the punching everyone at Interplay in the nuts. All 3 of them. Everyone I care from there is most definitely long gone.  They're just sitting on great franchises hoping to make a buck now.
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Man, good thing I'm not a game reviewer. I don't think I would give any Zelda more than a 5.0 if using the whole 1-10 spectrum.
They're okay but I've only finished a couple of them. I think the disconnected puzzle style game play doesn't click with my brain very well and aside from that the combat is nothing more than a button masher. 
I agree it's pretty silly to talk about scores after such a long time. Must be pretty exhilarating to know you have a thousand rabid nintendo fans waiting to shank UH UH you at any opportunity. UH UH UH

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@Jeust said:
I was a fan of the first yes. I am offended that the single player rts experience gets diluted. I like complete stories with a fleshed out ending you see... :p  But it's not by business.  "
Okay, now this is just getting into trolling territory.
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@HypoXenophobia said:
" @Phaseshift said:
This is pure RTS heaven. This game recreates its predecessor with surgical precision and also adds more to the flavor, any dislike for this game truely must come from an aversion to the genre in perticular or just some rampant need to get attention. I for one will be happy battling it out in multiplayer long after the next expansion hits. "
See, this is where you went off. Starcraft 2 does what console games do sequel. Put you in more and more interesting scenarios, revamp the graphics and fix up the multiplayer. But in no way does it do what an RTS game does.  There's no extra layer of complexity to the game, or creating different avenues of strategy like diplomacy for example. As many people seem to comment, SC2 recreated SC1 perfectly. But while I am interested in getting back to the Starcraft universe, I'm not going back to it because of it's RTS elements as games exist that do a better job.  To say it simply, Starcraft 2 is[seems like] a great game, but a bad RTS by today's standard. It's like playing Duke Nukem 3D today, it's a fun game, but better games exist in the genre. It doesn't diminish that it's a fun game. Hope I made sense. "
You made sense but I don't think you played SC1 or SC2. The mechanics of starcraft are good and polished to the point where it puts similar products today to shame (I'm looking at you Red Alert 3, universe at war, ). 
If your standard today is Company of Heroes/Men of War style, then you just don't enjoy this format of rts gameplay. It's fine and I've got nothing against you, I just think you can't say Starcraft 2 is inferior because it's using those mechanics.
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@Jeust said:
" @Semition said:

" @Jeust: Games are also costing more to develop and are riskier. (Dune didn't take a $100 million+ to market.) 
I think this is the exact direction you would reasonably expect.



" Its kind of like saying Valve are milking Half Life 2. They're not, they're being stupid and calling something that should be called Half 3,4,5 episodes in Half Life 2. Blizzard is probably in the same boat here. "

  Oh christ... I hope Blizzard doesn't pull a HL2: Episode 3 on us. "
it is the direction i would expect, still i feel that with raising the price of the game, and dividing into multiple games, they aren't pulling any stops into milking all they can from consumers. And i think that hurts and will continuously hurt the industry.   Am i wrong? "
You are wrong because Warcraft III was also 60 bucks and it also had an expansion.
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SC1 --> SC2 
SF2 --> SF4 is okay but I think  
Unreal 1 --> UT2K4 would be a better because I felt like SF2 to 4 is way more similar than SC1 to 2.  Some of the changes to SC2 multiplayer such as multiple building selection and unlimited unit selection would be like if SF4 got new buttons that automatically input QCF/QCB/etc for you.
Not sure how popular UT are among this community though so SF2 to 4 is a decent enough comparison for those who haven't played.
SC1 --> SC2 
HL1 --> HL2 
I think that about sums it up. 
And blizzard has a schedule of about 1.5 years per expansion. I'm not sure about you but 1.5 years per expansion doesn't sound too ridiculous, not after we've seen guitar hero and call of duty. 
I think it's actually nice that Blizzard already announced that they'll do 3 games. Like TV series, it's good to know when you have a definitive end. Otherwise, you'll really start milking it by putting in filler or adding to the story that was originally unintended.  Most of the old school RTS like Tiberian Sun and Red Alert had expansions that sort of just added a weird campaign which did not continue the story well at all. 

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 I think this move makes sense for Blizzard. They have always been extremely gung-ho on removing people who cannot act in a manner appropriate for a community. 
Employers who want to know what you do can already go on your facebook and look at all your possibly shameful stuff. Does adding WoW to their information really change their perception of you much? 
If you don't want people to know anything about you, just don't post anything on the internet at all. Delete facebook, delete your twitter, delete your linked-in, delete your email accounts. Use a dynamic IP and change it every day. 
Really don't see how this is such a terrible thing.   
Remove your address and finances from facebook then. Why are you posting that sort of stuff on the internet? 
Sure everyone has things they don't want the world to know for security reasons (and some because they're jackasses) but that doesn't mean everyone in the world is stupid enough to post it all in forums or sites where access is easily obtained. 

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X-com EFF YEAH... First Person Shooter? 
What am I living in? Bizarro world?