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Strap on your cyborg suit for a powerful shooting experience 0

Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC Genre: First Person Shooter Release Date: March 22~25, 2011 Developer: Crytek Publisher: Electronic Arts No longer do people have to fear the Crytek engine and its demanding requirements, as you don’t even need a PC to play the latest first person-superhuman-cyborg-shooter, Crysis 2.  It is , not essential that the first Crysis is played to completion but it will definitely provide you with some background to the story.  Contrary to the common shooter th...

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Best simulated boxing to date 0

Fight Night Champion is EA’s 2011 Boxing release.  Now not as predictable as the Madden or NHL games, Fight Night has been around for a while and all things considered this is the fifth game with the Fight Night name.  If you have not played a simulated boxing game this is probably a great place to start.      Xbox 360   I don’t often review sports games but the Fight Night series holds a special place in my heart.  I really love a good boxing match but I sometimes fail to have the patience to...

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Homefront Review 0

Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC Genre: First Person ShooterRelease Date: March 15th~18th 2011Developer: Kaos StudiosPublisher: THQHomefront is a first person shooter developed by Kaos studios and published by THQ. Set in the year 2027, a united Korean People’s army has swept the world with an unexpected ferocity and has invaded the United States. You play as a pilot who is fighting for the American resistance who is trying to survive the military occupied USA - your Homefront.   This is no...

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Little Big Planet 2 Review 0

Platform: Playstation 3 Developer: Media Molecule Publisher: SCEA  Release Date: January 18, 2011   Gather your ball of yarn and silly putty because it is time to get crazy in the world of Little Big Planet 2.  My relationship with Sackboy since the original Little Big Planet is one of love and hate. I loved the world, design, and content creation but I hated the platforming, controls, and gameplay.  With Little Big Planet 2 I cannot help but have that exact same feeling this time around except...

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