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But having Mondays off are my favorite. 

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I get this question a lot, and to me, it has 2 meanings. Initially I think they are asking how to get into a playtest session and test a game for us. Every studio has their own ways to "playtest" a game; some are just internal within the studio and some are done with the public. At Microsoft, I host public playtest sessions. To sign up, people go to and enter their name, number, and what kinds of games they play and how often they play them. We also have a Facebook page (!!plug!!)  
When you're called, they screener asks questions about your gaming habits to see if you are a canidate for a session. If so, you come in, play the game, and tell us what you think. You receive games or software for your time and in a couple months are usually called again for another session. These are meant to get the public's opinion on games, not as a tester but as a player. If you are looking to get into the testing industry - participating in a Playtest isn't really something you can add to your resume. 
The next question I usually hear is, "How can I get into Playtest as a job?" Most folks are pretty disappointed when I tell them everyone in our group is a Psychology student or graduate. When we "playtest" a game, we're not looking for the bugs or glitches or other standard testing procedures; we are looking to see how you "feel" about the game. Did you like the game, the weapons, the music? How do you feel about them? These are the questions we're asking and having a background in Psychology helps us analyze your answers.  
So you still think you want to get a job in Playtest? To become a User Researcher you will need at least a Graduate degree if not a PhD in Human Computer Interactions and more. If you're in a small studio, you'll probably need some Community cred. Either way, you'll need to like people and love interacting with them and how they interact with your game. Otherwise - check out your temp agencies and see if game testing is something they do. There's still a lot of opportunities for testing games as a contractor. 
Hope this helps!! :D
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@Alex_Murphy said:
"Naah. Sometimes I'll stumble across one, and click the icon to see what I had to do to get it, but I don't go out of my way. Wouldn't it be pretty easy to write a macro program to follow every link on the site, thus getting you all possible achievements in just a few minutes? "

hahaha, that would rule, but i don't think i'd learn anything :P
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TBH i am really really excited about this one. The music is great, the narrator is great. If you get a chance to play it at PAX East i think you will enjoy it. The controls are a new concept so I'm curious to see what they go with, but I think this will be awesome. YAY FOR GUNSTRINGER!!!!
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@shoddyrobot said:
"a friend of mine did some music for this. should be good!"

aww niiiice!!! Did they let you hear it? Western themes are so much fun to play with
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I use Giantbomb for all the reviews, but I find myself getting sucked in trying to complete quests. You do the same?
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if only genesis wasn't "glitched" heh
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and i hope it worked! :P
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Whenever I find out Xbox Live is resetting gamer scores due to an exploit, I always feel out of the loop cuz I never knew what the exploit was. It's probably best that I don't know however, cuz I'd probably try it myself ;P
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aw nuts - and i never got a chance to see him *pout*. BTW, I don't see how scrapping Milo can magically create space for Fable Kinect stuff.  
But it's still sad to see projects disappear. There's so much I see I wish would come to life.
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