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If you paid with a CC, I'd call them up and reverse the charges.

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Awesome job duder! had a good laugh!

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Do you guys know if there's a summer jams list somewhere else? No spotify in canada yet :(

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I've been working in the game industry for almost 10 years now but only half way through did I ever start working on AAA games. I got my break with splintercell conviction. I had been listening to the giantbomb cast since it had started.

I was ecstatic when Vinny and Ryan had a bet about whether or not conviction would have night vision goggles. We had a pretty good chuckle about the whole thing at work.

I'll miss Ryan. I'm sad we never crossed paths. A toast to a man that made tons of people smile.

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I'm biased since I worked on FC3, but I'd say the story twists and turns of SR3 were more enjoyable? (for me I just loved the ridiculous stuff), and FC3 had better gameplay mechanics? I think both have their own strenghts that make them awesome in my books!

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@david3cm said:

Well, if your talking practicality you can pick up shot arrows. If your talking in terms of fun, the bow makes you feel like a total badass. But both points are moot because you really should just be stabbing everyone.

This. To feel more badass! It requires more skill to be better with the bow.

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The first song in the sountrack is amazing. Though I'm totally biased.

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@Kenobi said:

It would make sense that putting popular indie games on Greenlight is an intentional move to specifically get Greenlight more attention.




I would assume this as well. It's extra publicity.
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On tuesday I'll play!

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@Superfriend: GMG have usually been good in saying which game comes with a steam code. If it doesn't mention it I doubt it has a steam code. Sleeping dogs, Borderlands 2 and Saints Row 3 were all steamworks games.