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We need your whole friend tag. I'm mesklinite#1860

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Actually, I looked at the prices of the PS3 version. Since they haven't dropped since launch, I decide to make the plunge!

PSN: mesklinite_ps
is my PS4 handle for anyone interested!

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Looks cool but not 70$ cool.

Yup, this is where I'm at right now!

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Dude, it's already a little weird. I'm glad you got that off your chest though, do you feel better about it now? I never watched any of the GI content, but I really love the chemistry between Dan and Drew in MGS and Dan is consistently the best part of quick looks, UPF and the bombcast for me. I'm sorry you feel like you've lost out on this thing, but I know for a fact there is something out there that is just as awesome and you just need to find it.

Stanley Goodspeed, duder.

Exactly what you said. Things change, people move in and people move out. Other things will come, some better some worse, and then more change will happen. Just ride the boat and enjoy things as they come!

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I've been listening to these guys for 8 years now? They're pretty cool. They talk about energy drinks and sometimes about video games. They register these domain names... wait, you're already on this website...

Slowly walks away!

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It was a good game.... but for me, compared to bastion, just not as good. The story felt lacking in Transistor. Though I had some fun with the gameplay! But that's my 2 cents!

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Probably Far Cry 4. Killing all those helpless elephants just seems so jolly.

But you can ride them. Elephants are your friend!

Can I kill other elephants while riding an elephant?

This is confirmed!

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Was having the same thing during spooking with scoops. chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m

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I'll second both of Cramsy's points. My friend and I accidently walked into a porn store at 10am. It's something else! I'll tell you that.

And going to an Onsen is great. Mine was on the second floor of a hotel looking at the valley below. So relaxing!

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I would do the tokyo pub crawl.

I had a blast. Got really drunk. Met tons of cool people. 20$ gets you 4 shots and free entry in each bar/club. I just got back from Tokyo last wednesday. Such a fun place to visit.

I'd say the sky tree is a cool place to visit.
Tsukiji fish market is where all the fish gets delt. Eat sushi here super early in the morning.

Akihabara, Shinjuku, Asakusa, Shibuya are all places where I would spend a day checking out! A day for each!