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If I were in Cali, I would be applying.

::Sigh:: If Giant Bomb opens up a Boston office, let me know.

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Maybe you did, I'm still hanging on Tinder. It's just...not...working

Really wish this thing would get Nintendo stuff going (not that there's any sort of nintendo achievement system...but still).

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I'll be there. I'm sure you'll see me at the GB events. REALLY hoping Harmonix throws another thursday party again, last year was incredible.


You gave me beer last year, so I hope so.

If not, we should be, because you have the good brew and I like that.

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Im easy.

Step one: who's cute

Step two: Who's awesome

step there: who's accessible

Step four: who have you been winning with

Step five: throw all that shit out and use who you like.

This is why my marvel team is so dumb

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I'm in. PSN: Mesoian.

Got to play a little Divekick throughout the week. Thinking about making S-kill my go to.

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Oh my fucking god, that's poetic.

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Translation: Patrice didn't wanna do more Assassin's Creed games, and that's all they wanted him to do, so he left. I don't see how everyone didn't see this coming.

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A lot of reports are coming in from people who got the game today that importing their DD save to DD:AR is corrupting and deleting saves. Make sure you back up your save before you import.

Also, there's a question of whether or not the promised DLC is actually in this game. People have found a bunch of DLC quests, but not items or armor. More on that as it develops.

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No, I noticed that. Perhaps what you can do is put way more damage emphesis on Brad's needle attack, have it do something like 30% damage and have the explosion balls still hurt Brad. That way he could be the obvious first in the critical path.

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This is pretty amazing. The Time to Brad attack is something Capcom should be ashammed that they never figured out.