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Tag: Messier75

Time Zone: Eastern USA (NYC)

Games: Initially looking for co-op partners to run the Halo campaigns in MCC.

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I jumped on the console deal Microsoft was running this week. Looking for co-op partners to run through the Halo campaigns. I've only played the original once. GT: Messier75

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Go get 'em Hulkster! Burn it to the ground BROTHER!

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Origin: TomJWilkinson

Fill my barren Origin friends list.

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Call me Dan Ryckert, but I love it. I played a whole bunch during the last beta period and enjoyed it. I understand the handling complaints, but it's not something I didn't get used to and it improves as you level up your cars. The map is huge, filled with a ton of challenges and shortcuts to find which make getting from place to place fun. It's the first car game where I felt like I was exploring when I went offroad. I like arcade racers that have a lot of variety and this scratches that itch.

I've got a spare PS4 (US) beta key. If anyone wants it PM me.

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Roosevelt Island, NY, USA

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Playing through Season 2 of The Walking Dead start to finish. Come hang out! I can use company!

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Do you think it is better to put Extra Life in the Now Playing box on Twitch or actually the game that you are playing? On one hand people looking to donate should be ones browsing the Extra Life list, but you are more likely to be buried way down the list unless you have people already viewing your channel. Listing yourself under the game will bury you down the browse game list if you are playing a game that isn't currently popular, but could grab people that weren't aware of Extra Life.

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@kazona: Play what will be fun for you to play. Whether that is short bursts of a lot of different things or diving into one big game. Last year I played 18 hours of Dark Souls and the intensity of that game kept me from getting bored. Time flew by. If there has been something in your backlog you've been meaning to try out, this would be a great opportunity.

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@orlandodoom: I'm down for some co-optimal situations. Streams are usually more fun and interesting when there is some conversation. Diablo III, Guild Wars 2 or check my steam games list.

That goes for anybody that wants to coordinate some co-op.

@fcdrandyI'll name a duder after you in my XCOM ironman playthrough! Let your preference be known: Assault, Support, Heavy or Sniper. My donation page