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This is the greatest trophy screenshot ever taken (pun intended)

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@bruce, @knightlyterrors, @jasonmasters, @mathkor, @liquidsaiyan3

We blazed through Vault of Glass

We cruised through Crotas End

Then came Kings Fall and we spent more time on the final encounter with Oryx than we did on the first two raids combined. It was all worth it though. We conquered all 3 raids in about 13 hours and raised over $1,000 for Extra Life in the process. All around a great day.

I can't thank all of you enough for putting in the time you did, showing the patience you did (especially with my terrible jumping skills) and making it a great experience. Could not have happened without you guys.

Special shout out to @sylar112 (aka shaddypaw) for sending encouragement through Twitch chat and for the generous donation. It was really appreciated!

I hope I get to play with you guys again soon.

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Excited to get this started!

If you want to follow our progress, I'll be streaming here -

If anyone else will also be streaming, post your link.

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@warpchy: What is your PSN handle? I'll add you to my list of reserves for tomorrow.

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@hestilllives19, @orexis97, @rivaldi22 - Thanks guys, I'll send you all friend requests and if someone has to bail, I'll look for you.

If anyone else reading this thread wants to take the initiative to start another Raid Party, there seems to be plenty of people interested.

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@hestilllives19, @liquidsaiyan3, @knightlyterrors, @captainkoonz, @jasonmasters, @sylar112, @mathkor, @bruce

I was contacted by another 2 people last night through PSN messages that are interested in running all 3 on Saturday so that brings the total up to 12. Here is the list

GB - Messier, PSN - Messier75 (ok with 8 AM eastern start)

GB - Bruce, PSN - g1mm3dang3r (ok with 8 AM eastern start)

GB - KnightlyTerrors, PSN - KnightlyTerrors (ok with 8 AM eastern start)

GB - jasonmasters, PSN - ProxyWarlord (ok with 8 AM eastern start)

GB - mathkor, PSN - Darth-Blob (ok with 8 AM eastern start)

GB - sylar112, PSN - shaddypaw (interested but checking work sched)

GB - ?, PSN - MR-ChiefinCheech (ok with 8 AM eastern start, not sure about doing all 3)

GB - ?, PSN - ABK792 (interested if not out of town)

GB - ?, PSN - Frostedflk (seemed ok with 8 AM eastern start)

GB - liquidsaiyan3, PSN - ? (available at 1 PM eastern)

GB - captainkoonz, PSN - ? (available all day)

GB - hestilllives19, PSN - ?

If any of the above is incorrect, please correct it. Right now the 8 AM Eastern crew would be me, Bruce, KnightlyTerrors, jasonmasters, mathkor and Mr-ChiefinCheech. Do the other 6 want to arrange a 2nd start time or be backup if available to the 8 AM crew throughout the day?

Thanks to everyone for being interested in doing this Saturday. Looking forward to it.

My stream will be at

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In addition to the responses in this thread, I have gotten interest from @bruce, @mathkor, & @sylar112, and the 2 duders from the site. Tagging them to the thread so we can coordinate.

Multiple raid parties is very realistic now.

@liquidsaiyan3 - what time works for you? We may need people to fill in for Crota & Kings Fall if the 2 guys signing up for VoG on the site don't want to run all 3. I sent them PSN messages to see what their interest is.

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@hestilllives19: I am looking to experience the content since I've never raided. I was going to run Normal mode for all 3 but if people want to give Hard Mode a shot I'm not against it.

I have gotten 4 people message me with interest on PSN and 2 people signed up for VoG at the site so there may be enough to get 2 Extra Life raid parties started or at least have backups if people have to bail or don't want to run all 3 back to back to back.

It seems like a mix of people who have never raided and people that are raid vets so we should be able to get through them at a decent but not record pace.

Let me know what you and your friends are up for and we'll figure out a plan for Saturday. Thanks for responding!

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I'm looking for anyone interested in running all the raids in Destiny for Extra Life this Saturday. I'm going to start streaming around 8 AM eastern, but raiding can start whenever we can get 6 people together.

Post your availability and interest. It would be cool if I could find one crew to roll through them all together, but if you can only commit to a few hours to help with one that's cool too.

Any experience level is welcome. I haven't run them before, but I know the mechanics from watching the GB guys play.