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I played for a bit back in July. I have a Thing up to level 9. I'm good with giving it another go.

Username: MarkMessier

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The first and only thing I've gotten so far is the coal that came yesterday. I'm in NYC. Nothing Monday or today.

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Holy crap thanks for this, I know what I'm watching during my work day today!

That sounds like the perfect way to consume this.

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It has been just over a year since Jeff live streamed Funky Barn on the Wii U out of his home for 4 hours the day before Thanksgiving last year. It was never archived on the site, but it is in Giant Bomb's Twitch archive here.

I remember watching it as it happened and it was one of the funniest things that Jeff has ever done. The fact that he was able to be that entertaining for that long all by himself is a testament to his talent. With there not being any new content this weekend due to the holiday, it's a good time to revisit this classic. If you missed it last year, I highly recommend watching it.

It starts with just the Miiverse as he's setting things up, but Jeff comes on around 14:45.


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There is just about 27 hours left to buy the bundle. I'm hoping the tables not included will go on sale during the upcoming holiday Steam sales.

If you want to read up on how the tables work and where to aim for bigger scores, check out the table guides

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Thanks for the friend requests guys. Its good to have scores to chase besides the Top 10.

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This week's Humble Bundle is a mess of tables for Pinball FX2. I think if you add up all the packs it's over $60 included if you beat the $6 bonus minimum for 22 tables.

I don't have anyone on my Steam friends list that has it, so if you buy it, please add me so we can battle on the leaderboards!

Add Valestis too since he started a thread in Sept to get more Steam friends for his leaderboards.

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PSN: Messier75

Timezone: US, Eastern

Games: Maybe Need for Speed, but I saw there is co-op in Resogun

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Its a WW2 movie, but give Kelly's Heroes a look. I would think you could adapt it to a fantasy setting with a little imagination. It was more of a war comedy, but it follows a company of men as they try to find treasure they hear about from a captured enemy officer. Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Don Rickles, Telly Savalas, Carrol O'Connor.

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I've joined the Giant Bomb team

My Twitch channel

@bruce will be joining me for at least part of it. Right now we are thinking of running a Terraria server with the new patch from scratch and seeing how far we can get. If anyone wants to jump in and build along with us, feel free.

I have Steam codes for The Walking Dead, FTL, Bastion and Medal of Honor that I'll give out to people who donate as well.