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Get it. Like "pants", but they can't say "pants" because they're British, I guess.

More like trouser snake as in penis.

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Developed by Robomodo

Shooting missions

Power ups

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You completely misread it. Game devs can't ban your steam account, they can ban you from THEIR games and pass it on to steam who may account ban you.

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Really? Hmmm

Truly the watch we've all been waiting for!

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This seems like the kind of thing that should be a "tip jar" and not a required fee. Did they not learn there lesson from the flood of bullshit that came out of green light? Ya some great games came out of that, but a ton of terrible ones did as well.

This, to me, is the perfect solution. If Steam would only allow for donations straight to the user, it would allow Steam to track where the money is going, and it would benefit the quality of the workshop more. They'd be able to instantly see who's stuff is top tier, help promote it, and maybe even hire the person or persons involved. Instead they decided to come up with a pricing scheme that does none of that and actually creates a storm brewed in a tea cup. I guess as long as Big Daddy Gabe gets a little taste of everything, that's all that matters.

They had a "tip jar". Modders would include a donation button on their mods where people could tip them to show support. Steam just combed through and removed all the links. Donations are now banned. So now they either do it 100% free or are forced to change a fee.

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If it was a select bunch of high quality premium mods then yes, I can be ok with the idea but the fact that people are selling total trash for whatever they want instantly shows that this will be a nightmare.

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You're probably either talking about chirpy (the twitter thing, which you can disable with a mod), or the building upgrade sound.

Edit: I need to learn to read.. but ye, probably building upgrade.

It's not chirpy. It might be the building upgrade sound but why even have a noise for that? You can visually see the change and it has a stat overlay too. Holy christ, it's so bad.

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Seriously, what is it? Am I the only one annoyed by it? I hear it SO much. It's just a "ding" but I'm not sure what it signifies(not the fake twitter noise either). Worse though is it keeps doing it over and over and over. When I speed up all I hear is "ding, ding ding, dingding, dingding, dingding, dingding, dingding, dingding, ding ding, dingding, dingding, dingding, dingding, dingding, dingding, ding".

I had to turn the sound off!

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The problem is it's short and lacks quality.