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The announcement videos would have been using a super high end PC. Really high end. One far more expensive than any normal consumer would ever own. Now they're showing footage from the PS4, a real world console that costs $400. It's hardly surprising there are differences.

A new next-gen console. That looks like shit. Compare that footage to something like this from Sleeping Dogs.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced that Jack Tretton will step down from his role as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) as of March 31, 2014. This is a result of a mutual agreement between Mr. Tretton and SCEA not to renew their contractual relationship.

Holy shit! Jack! He seemed so likeable.

COO Shawn Layden is now CEO

Edit: Bah, meant to edit. Not quote!

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I think you meant 'downgrade' and not 'download' - updated the title for you.

It is a pretty striking difference. Are we absolutely certain that these are both running on the same platform? Do you have links to each video that this GIF pulls from?

Did I say download? I didn't even notice. My bad, thanks! :)

Here's the video of the downgrade:

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E3 2012 footage vs March 2014 footage of the same scene. Holy fucking shit. What the hell has happened to this game? It was confirmed as PS4 footage too.

Here's the link to download the gif if it's too slow to load, it's pretty big.

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@milkman: When someone decides to link a scene like that to trivializing sexual abuse, rape games, and hoping that it's censored because of how bad it is then yeah, I think you gotta be pretty mentally weird to jump to those opinions. That or you want clicks. You keep saying it's her opinion but saying that somehow void any mention of it? Someone can have an opinion but if it's idiotic and turned into a written article then I'm going to call them out. And like I said in the thread title, I was leaving it up to you to judge the video yourself.

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@darji: Yeah, did you see how she was dressed when she wrote that? She was asking for it!

Anyway, yeah, the OP completely misrepresented that article. It just says that the scene made her uncomfortable. Nowhere does it call for the scene to be censored or removed. It's just her opinion. Is that allowed?

Yes it does. She says "I really hope they cut the Family Scene before Lords of Shadow 2 launches next month. In the end, it's a scene that serves to trivialize sexual assault". She flat out wanted it cut.

And since when can an opinion piece not be discussed?

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@animasta said:

You really sensationalized that article huh?

Umm, no? She comments: "this scene is kind of stunning for how blatant it is with its allusions to rape. It's a scene that forcibly reminds me of the boxart from RapeLay" and "I really hope they cut the Family Scene before Lords of Shadow 2 launches next month. In the end, it's a scene that serves to trivialize sexual assault". So the footage of the scene comes out and I say watch it and you be the judge. How is that being sensationalized?

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@ekami said:

No. Nobody be the judge.

And why is that?