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The main characters voice defaults when you meet Hawke. So if you changed the voice to say a Human American, it will default back to British. Fucking awful bug. It ruins it.

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I didn't have any issue with Origins or 2 but this is killing the game for me.

The camera movement on the mouse has no sensitivity options(only keyboard)
You can't run holding both mouse buttons like other Bioware games
No click to move or click to loot like previous DA games
The cursor is tiny and blends in with everything making it easy to lose on battles.
Tactical view is way too zoomed in and makes it harder to use and clunky.
Having to hold down R to basic attack sucks
Can't rebind mouse buttons
No walking, you can only run

I'm only 2 hours in and I'm getting really bummed out thinking of having to fight these terrible controls for 90 hours...why couldn't they leave it as it was in the other games?

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@bradbrains said:

the one where they play the fmv doctor game. someone else may have to post a link as i dont remember which one it is

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If this is what you're talking about, I agree completely. This had me in stitches and still makes me laugh.

Isn't that the Dad from 7th Heaven that was charged with molesting kids? Awkward...

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Because games should only cater to people with more time than money, amirite?

Because games should make you pay up to $100 extra after paying $60 up front instead of simply making it easier to collect the currency, amirite? Or I don't know...make it a cheat code? Hahaha, but that wouldn't be ripping people off. Silly me!

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@ares42 said:
it doesn't matter if there's a bunch of people that think it's shit and won't have anything to do with it, as long as there's a much bigger audience that don't give a shit and keep coming back.

Don Mattrick thought that way about the Xbox One once.

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You guys do realize you don't have to buy ANY of this shit right? I seriously don't get the big deal unless you're progess is truly hindered to sway you into buying it. Some people would rather put in some extra cash and get what they want.

Because you pay full price for a game you shouldn't have to pay microtransactions or use apps to open chests. Simple. And yes, the game is almost always altered in a way to push people into buying things.

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"But then there's optional but questionable stuff like this, a real-money way to obtain the game's optional "hack" currency instead of using the in-game currency you earn by finishing most missions...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


So it's a technical mess, the gameplay is a big step back, and now it's full of microtransaction? This is a joke. It also forces you to download the iOS and Android app to open chests in the game. Gross. I was hyped as hell for this, I can't support shit like this though. :(

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Microsoft wants that CoD money pretty badly... but do CoD players want to play as space marines or military men?

CoD isn't even getting CoD money anymore.

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