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360 Gamertag = MetalExile51

I won't be able to play or accept invites for a day or so until my Xbox 360 gets back from being repaired, but after that I'd love to expand my friends list and have some people to play against.  I'd call myself at least somewhat above average in skill (at least I certainly try to be), but not an expert or anything.  I won't button mash on you, that's for sure.

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Whether you should import or not somewhat depends on which Hori stick you're looking at.  I have the Hori Fighting Stick EX2, which I found in a local Gamestop for $60.  You can also find it at Amazon and a number of other places (it might be branded with Virtua Fighter or even Soulcalibur IV, but it's the same stick).  It's not exactly the best quality stick ever made, but for $60 I'm plenty happy with it.  It's a lot of fun to use and feels like it should be fairly durable. 

They have a stick that's a step up from that, but it's at least double the price and does require an import (I think it's part of their Real Arcade Pro line, although I don't remember the exact model number or anything).  I don't have any hands-on experience with it to tell you how much different it is, but it probably depends on how much money you're willing to spend and how picky you are about your arcade sticks.  For most people, I would say the EX2 would be just fine and is a good bit cheaper and easier to find.

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I know that at least to some degree, what will happen when a created character has his or her armor destroyed can be controlled by the player.  For instance, I'm pretty sure there's an option when making the character that's something like undergarments or underwear to select what garment will be under your main armor or costume or whatever.  My guess is that this will show when you have an armor breakage.  I don't know the full details of it yet because I don't have the game, but it appears that how much skin your character will show when his or her armor breaks will be at least partially up to you (just like how much skin he or she shows normally is up to you).

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dcpc10 said:
"I heard you can change the voiceovers to Japanese"
Yeah, you'll be able to.  That feature has been in the past couple of SC games too (I can't remember right off whether SC I had that option, but I know II and III did).  Even then it's not always perfect though.  Terrible acting aside, i have historically liked some of the English voices better than the Japanese because the quality of the voice seemed to fit the character better, even if it was poorly acted.  For instance, Talim is one of my favorite characters, and although her English voice acting is pretty bad/stupidly written, I like it better than the Japanese voice, which has one of those typical ultra-young, innocent, sweet, girly voices that's really grating (and I hear they made than even worse in SCIV).  Tira's English voice acress is also much better, in my opinion (and decently acted too).
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BreakThings said:
"MetalExile said: I have heard that the Hori stick is complete shit. I would really hate to shell out 60 on a bad arcade style controller but i just can not get the same experience w/o one. Also w/ Street Fighter IV coming I think it would be a good choice. My only regret is that there is such a small PS3 online community. I want to lean more towards the PS3 but Xbox's large Live userbase just keeps pulling me back. I could honestly care less about Yoda or Vader bc I will be playing with Sigfried anyways.
Like I said, I personally think that the cheaper Hori sticks are fairly good for the price.  You can get much better sticks, I'm sure, but you'll have to pay a lot more for them.  This is coming from someone who has never bought an arcade stick before, mind you, but I think that for fighting fans on a budget that want a better/more fun experience, the Hori sticks are worth the money.  The buttons are a tad mushy and and stick's a little loose, but it still feels well-built and it certainly beats the heck out of a normal controller in the fun-factor department.
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SpaceInsomniac said:
"XAMS said:

Also, very nice post, MetalExile.
Thank you.  I spent a little too much time writing that.
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On one hand, I agree that such revealing outfits could be seen as degrading and make our hobby as a whole look bad (not to mention immature).  It would be nice to see game design grow up a bit and branch out into more truly artistic designs that could still be plenty sexy, but not quite as ridiculous as much of what's seen today.

On the other hand, the original poster seemed to say that he thought males got the cooler outfits while the females all looked like tramps (forgive a little paraphrasing here).  I disgree.  I've always thought that females tend to get the cooler outfits in games and I definitely think this is true in SC.  True, you do have to look past some overly revealing stuff (like Ivy's 1P outfit) to get to the better ones (like Ivy's 2P outfit or some of her other alts from past games).  I love Tira's costume (a little more cloth certainly wouldn't hurt, but she still has one of my favorite outfits) as well as Talim's, Hilde's, Xianhua's, and others.

Also, I think it's important to keep games in context with other forms of media.  I don't really think games are tremendously worse about this kind of thing than other comparable forms of media.  I've seen music videos on MTV that put just about anything I've seen in a video game to shame in terms of how degrading they are to women.  At least in games the women can usually kick your ass as well as look pretty, which puts them above some other types of media.

Games on the whole are fairly comparable to Hollywood action movies and one quick glance at those will tell you for sure that games aren't alone in oversexualizing women.  There's another thing in common here too: both involve action.  Both games and movies show humans in their respective story worlds that have to be at the top of their game, in peak shape, to fight off hordes of enemies and evil and such.  As such, it's not overly surprising that women (and men as well) are depicted as the peak of the human form: strong, fast, sexy, etc.  Art has done the same thing for years as well.  Venus and David are the human form at its pinnacle.

Anyway, I'm getting a little too deep into this, but suffice it to say, I agree that there is a problem, but I don't think it's as bad as many people think and we're certainly not alone as a media in doing it and there's often a reason why it's done (would an unattractive or unfit character look right fighting evil or performing cool flips or sword swipes or what have you?).

Plus, you know, women are pretty.  Why complain too much?  :)

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No, it's not you.  They're pretty terrible.  But really, what Soulcalibur game hasn't had hideously awful voice work?  For me it's almost part of the charm.  Previous SC games just wouldn't have been the same for me without Kilik shouting, "This rod will be your doom!" or Sophitia saying, "You're in pain.  It's painful, isn't it?" among many other amusing lines.  Sure it's grating and gets annoying after a while but it's pretty par for the course.

As a matter of fact, I can't think of one fighting game I've seen where the voiceovers (or translations thereof or whatever applies) didn't suck.  There are varying degrees of suck, but I think the concept of each fighter spouting random one liners before every single match is so stupid that no game can actually pull it off in a convincing fashion.  Certainly not one that I've ever seen.

Edit: I do want to say that I don't think every single voiceover is bad in SC.  Some are surprisingly good.  I missed Tira's English actress when I finally switched SCIII to Japanese voices, for instance.  For the most part though, like most fighting games, it's all-around suckage.

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I think ProzacGunner and Haze are on the right track here.  If you have both systems and are trying to decide between them, I think controller preference is a much bigger issue than Vader or Yoda.  On that note, if you prefer to play with a digital pad, then the PS3 is a no-brainer.  However, if you prefer to play with an analog stick (which, unlike most fighting games, SC works well with) then I think the 360 is a better choice because its analog sticks are tighter and a little more precise.

You asked about the availability of an arcade stick and, along those lines, I actually bought my first arcade stick primarily for the purpose of playing SCIV.  Now, mind you, I think I could probably get by without it, but I sure think it will be a lot more fun. 

If you're willing to pay a lot of money for a custom model or import your stick or something like that, then you can get whatever type of stick you might desire for whatever system so long as you're willing to shell out the dough.  On the other hand, if you're like most people with more limited resources, you do still have options. 

I personally bought the Hori EX2 stick for the 360.  It costs around $60 and is a little hard to find in stores (you might have luck finding one in some place like Gamestop though - that's where I found mine), although you can order it online from some place like Amazon fairly easily as well.  There are versions of the stick out tailored for Dead or Alive 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 already and there's another one coming out geared for SCIV.  The only difference is the art featured on it (I prefer my VF5 model which is plain to either the hideous DoA model or the meh SCIV one).  It may not be the most top-quality arcade stick ever made, but it's a heck of a lot of fun to use and feels like it will be fairly durable for the price (which is fairly low compared to a lot of sticks).

I do believe there versions of essentially the same stick for both PS3 and Wii, although I don't know model numbers/names or much in the way of detail save that I've seen them both (not that it relates to this thread, but the Wii stick seems really easy to find in stores for some reason right now while the other two do not).

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I was always interested in the Civilization games, as they looked really interesting, but I was intimidated by them at the same time.  I don't have a particularly friendly history with strategy games, you see, as I tend to suck at them.  Still, I've wanted to get better at them and I always did want to play a Civ game.

When Civ Revolution came around it was the first in the series I had actually tried.  I downloaded the demo and absolutely loved it.  I'm sold on the game, although I have yet to buy it.  I can't wait to get my hands on it and play more.

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