More and More, Recently

Just as my title says, I've done so a lot more in the past few months than I have been. I've bought XBLA games infrequently ever since I got my 360 two years ago, but recently I'm buying a lot of dlc. 
This was probably caused by two major factors: Patapon 2 and Final Fantasy VII. One was the sequel to one of my favorite rhythm games of all time, and the other was a game sold back recently, and even though I'm not much of a fan of VII, I bought for posterity.
Less than a week ago, Steam had a sale on all Half-Life games for one weekend, so I took out my dusty old Steam account ( I only had one to get a copy of Peggle Extreme,) and bought Half-Life 2 and G-Mod for less than twenty bucks. I already had the Orange Box for my 360, but I wanted HL2 for the mods.  I think that, truthfully, this is the future of game releases, and I will wholeheartedly support this new medium of delivery. 
This Monday, I went down to my local GameStop to pick up a download voucher for MvC2. I know I could have just went up on PSN for it, but I "needed" something to put on my shelf.
The only other recent game I can think of is FFIV: The After Years. (Kind of a disappointment, but I'll probably pay for the whole series anyways.)

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