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@Deusx: Maybe because he found it interesting and wanted to add more content to the website that is more then just QLs, reviews and stories about devs being shut down.

I agree but I'd rather have no content than bad one. It's the reason why sites like Kotaku and IGN are ruined right now. I may have come up as an asshole but... the game sucks. It's just bad.

... Yep. You come up as a asshole.

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Look, I love retro SNES style as much as the next guy, but this game really doesn't feel up to the same level as the first two.

I think the largest, most inexcusable change though is...WHERE THE HELL AM *I*?!

In the first two games, I got to make my own character. The story was about me and my adventures with Gabe and Tycho!

In this game, I'm not in it at all! How dare you slay gods without me Gabe and Tycho!

From my perspective, at least, I never really cared for "me" in the PA games. I came along to see the dark exploits of clan Brahe and clan Gabriel. "I" was just a useful audience perspective tool. I was actually really happy to see that this game finally focused on the characters I cared about, instead of a stand-in for the player.

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I find it ironic how hard we all come down on these people for this when piracy is always talked about here as being ok....

Well it's not like if I pirate something I'm going to sell it to a friend as my own and make money off of it.

No your just taking something without paying for it...which is exactly what these people did...

But not saying that you created it or own it in any way. If I pirate something; I'm not gonna go out and say: "Hey! I made this! Take it if you want, becasue I am the original creator of this product!"

No. I quietly keep it on my hard drive and tend not to mention it unless needed. Yes, I took it, but I'm not claiming I am attached to it or have any real rights to redistribute it.

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It just seems inappropriate to ask fans for their money to make a game. If the fans are the ones funding it then the game should be free, or they should be entitled to some of the profits. I dont see the developers putting large sums of their OWN money into these games. It seems like a big scam and hustle...Like making a charity out of something that is not at all a charity. And im especially annoyed cos both this and double fine are unworthy games. Fund something I wouldnt mind playing fa christ sake

You find the proposition for a new Double Fine game, let alone another Wasteland... unworthy? And you post on Giant Bomb?

Lemme guess, you'd totally back it if it was a CoD clone or a cover based third person shooter. Get out of here with your dudebro-ness.

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Why is The Big O staring at me from the bottom like that?

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I support these editorials; it's the only reason I articles here any way.

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Bought the vinyl for $5 a week ago (I work at a record store). Best damn $5 I ever spent, if only for the kickass album art.

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As an aspergee (aspergite? asperberger?) I know how Jeff feels somewhat; I over think things and sometimes view everything in a very cold manner. On the other hand, sometimes I'm so emotional that you'd think I was a woman on her period. It's hard to be empathetic, because you can't place yourself in someone else's shoes. In your head, you wonder: why doesn't everyone think and react the exact same way i do? To you, you're the only logical one, even though you know that's not true.Though it's not a super difficult life, unlike how the media portrays is. You're just kind of built to be a stereotypical nerd, which I'm cool with. I've also been able to work on my empathy to the point where I have a lot of friends confide in me when something is upsetting them.

I'm not sure how true the facial cue thing is; I can play L.A. Noire fine, though I think that that "skill" may come less from reading faces and more from playing too much Ace Attorney, lol.

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It looks like they will be introducing a new enemy unrelated at all to the original trilogy. Which could be pretty awesome, actually. I'd love to see something completely unrelated to the Forerunners or the Covenant, and see how 117 would react to this new threat.

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I thought I could maybe add to the fucked-up wizardy too!