My CD Collection and My JRPG "Itch" - I Need Your Recommendations

CD Collection 

Since last summer, I've been collecting CDs. Though my parents thought it was a complete waste of money, I thought it was awesome to collect a lot of my favorite albums. Here's a picture and a list below it:   
Foo Fighters  
Foo Fighters 
Colour and the Shape 
The Is Nothing Left to Lose 
One By One 
In Your Honor  
Skin and Bones
Echos, Silence, Patience and Grace  
Wasting Light 
Weezer (Blue) 
Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition) 
Fashion Nugget  
Comfort Eagle 
Showroom of Compassion 
The Bends 
OK Computer 
In Rainbows  
In Utero 
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix 
Passion Pit
Chunk of Change 
Manners ("Deluxe" Edition)   
LCD Soundsystem   
Sound of SIlver  
This Is Happening 
Arcade Fire 
The Suburbs  
Two Door Cinema Club
Tourist History  
The Rentals  
Return of the Rentals  
Modest Mouse 
Good News for People Who Love Bad News 
The Beatles 
Pink Floyd 
Dark Side of the Moon 
Them Crooked Vultures 
Them Crooked Vultures 
Queens of the Stone Age 
Songs for the Deaf 
Dinosaur Jr.  
You're Living All Over Me 
The Joy Formidable 
The Big Roar 
The Strokes 
Pearl Jam 
The Black Keys 
El Camino  
Now, some of these are gifts that I haven't really listened to (like The Strokes). But based on the CDs I have, what do you recommend I get next? I already plan on getting all of the CAKE albums and Kid A by Radiohead. What else should I listen to? 

JRPG "Itch"


Lately, my girlfriend and I have been watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run. Watching this again makes me really want to play it, and it also makes me want to play other JRPGs, starting with Persona 3. What are some good JRPGs that you guys recommend? I've been avoiding the genre for a really long time, and I'm starting to regret it. I feel like JRPGs, because they are much longer than traditional games nowadays, have way more character development, making you attached to that game even after you play it. It's been a long time since I experienced anything like that, and I would love to again.

(3) Days Until Summer

Well, that's probably bad. 
The school year is quickly winding down for me. At first I was shocked and sad, but now I just want it to fucking end. I'm so tired of work and I want some free time on my hands. I just want to hang out with my friends and play some damn video games! Over the school year I purchased some games that I've barely played and have yet to finish, so I'm hoping summer break would help me out with that. Those games include:   

All of those games seem great and I can't wait to play them over the summer! 
Yesterday, my girlfriend decided to surprise me with a lot of stuff to celebrate our 6 months. She made me a delicious breakfast, took me to some stores, we went to Gamepad which is a modern day arcade, saw the Avengers, went bowling, and went to a cafe for dinner. It was amazing and I had a whole lot of fun! We also bought each other presents. I bought her the Sims 3 Pets Expansion which she wanted for a really long time and I made her a mixtape. She got me this:  
So yeah, that's fucking awesome. We've also been watching the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run together (the Vinny/Jeff one) and that's been really fun, too. The last one we watched was the one where Thomas died, so we're getting towards the end of it. I've been thinking about getting us to watch the Persona 4 Endurance Run over the summer, since that one is pretty long and obviously better than Deadly Premonition, but we'll see. 
That's about it! I'll have more blogs over the summer, but until then, keep on evading! 

Get Bent: Chronicles // 4-28-12

 Your childhood has been ruined. Blame DeviantArt on that one.
Yo, Giant Bomb! It's been quite a little bit since I've last blogged, and I played some games! And now I'm gonna write about them! 

Jak and Daxter

I've had the HD version of Jak and Daxter sitting in my hard drive for a while now, about three months.  I basically had no plans for the weekend, so I decided to play more of it since it's been a while. I made some progress Friday night, and then this morning I woke up pretty early in the morning and finished it. That game's really fun! I Although it's simple, it can get kind of challenging towards the end, well, for me at least. Maybe I just suck at video games. Either way, Jak and Daxter was really fun, and another thing I liked about it was the world. It has a nice variety of locations, and though it's an old game, it's still looks alright. If I ever go back to Jak and Daxter, it wouldn't be to collect everything and get 100% completion, it would be to explore the world. Playing this makes me miss these kinds of games, and if you do like platformers and for some reason you haven't played Jak and Daxter yet, I highly recommend you do. Now that I have beaten this, I shall move on to Jak II eventually. I actually remembered playing Jak II a lot when I was a kid, and not the original Jak and Daxter, which I guess is kind of backwards. But whatever, it is what it is, and I can't wait to jump back into the Haven City. 

Rayman: Origins

After I finished Jak and Daxter, I did my Chemistry homework, helped take out the garbage, and then played some Rayman: Origins. I didn't complete it yet, but I plan on doing that in the next few weeks. I think I'm in the second to last "world" so it shouldn't take too long. That game is also great; I just love how it looks and the music is great and it has a good sense a humor...something I wouldn't say Jak and Daxter has, necessarily. The pacing is really well done, and although the game is pretty hard, I still have a lot of fun with it, even if I rage quit from time to time. 

Things Other Than Games


  I'm going to the prom with my girlfriend, which is next week! I'm actually pretty excited, it should be a fun time. I don't know why so many people take it so seriously's just a dance. Sure, you have to dress up and all that other stuff, but I actually kinda like doing that. I like looking fancy. Also, I'm just a sophomore. My girlfriend's a junior, so lucky me, I get to go an extra year. I know you all don't care if I post pictures, but I will anyway.

Chili Cook Off

 The Chili Cook Off is in two weeks! I'm extremely excited to see Cake, I've been listening to them pretty much non-stop recently! Words cannot express my excitement! 
That's all for now, duders! Until next time!

Scrambled Thoughts Part Two: It's Almost Spring Break Edition

Hey, Giant Bomb! I'm am here once again with another blog. I made a secret promise to update my Giant Bomb blog whenever I can, and this time I'm gonna keep that promise, god damn it! Anyway, here are some things I've been playing and things that have been going on. 

  • I let my girlfriend borrow Plants vs. Zombies. Before I let her play it, I played about 20 minutes of it and it reminded me of how addicting it is. I really did not play much of it at all. My girlfriend's had it for two days and she's already way further than I ever was, and I had that game on my shelf for a long time, so I feel pretty bad about that. She's gonna give it back on Friday so I can play it during Spring Break, and during Spring Break I'm heading down to Georgia to see family, so that should make for a very entertaining car ride.
  • I played Battlefield 1943 for about two minutes, and after about the 9th time of getting killed right after I spawned, I turned it off and played Wipeout HD for a bit. That game is still so fucking fun, in fact, I plan on playing that some more when I'm done writing this here blog. I love racing games and futuristic science fiction, and Wipeout is just...yeah. So good. 
  • Haven't really played Mass Effect 3 since last blog. Ah, well, I already know about the ending so I hardly give a shit about the fact that my readiness level goes down when I don't play it. It's such a lazy way to end the series, so I'm going to be equally as lazy to finish it.
  • I got a new phone! A Samsung Exhibit II to be exact. It's an Andriod phone, and it's pretty awesome! I got unlimited texts and stuffs, and it even has a decent version of Tetris on it, and it's fun to play that every now and again.  
  • Like I mentioned earlier, I'm gonna be going to Georgia for most of Spring Break. I'm kinda glad because I need a fucking break from school, but I would've liked it better if we stayed home. Ah well, can't get everything you want. 
  • I know that there's already a thread about this, but Matt Rorie left Screened. That makes me pretty sad. I'm not sure how I feel about Screened now. Seems like an empty canvas waiting to be filled now. I hate that this is happening to my favorite sites. I hate that Whiskey Media is no longer a brand. I hate it. While I am happy for the Giant Bomb, Comic Vine, and Tested, there's no doubt that Screened got the extremely short end of the stick, and it's depressing.
I hate to end my blog on a sad note, but...that's unfortunately all I really have to say for now. Hopefully the following will add come happiness to this post.  

Scrambled Thoughts

Hello! Just thought I'd write a blog on here again, hopefully I can keep this up and post here semi-regularly. I'm gonna be doing this in bullets, so here we go!   

  • I've been playing a little bit of Mass Effect 3. I'm not too far in, the last major thing I did was save the Rachni queen from the reapers. The game seems alright, but there are a few things that bother me. Let's start with the fucking kid. 

    Let's think about how many died in both of the Mass Effect games. Some of those characters are those that have been close to Shepard throughout various missions. Shepard doesn't have dreams about them! Instead, he has dreams about some kid he met literally five minutes before his death. Sure, I felt that specific part of the into to the game was sad, but to drag that out throughout the rest of the game (British friend Aaox told me that there's more to come) is completely ridiculous.  

    Also, I don't like that they got rid of a lot of dialog wheels. I'm so used to controlling nearly every word that comes out of Shepard's mouth, and in ME3 there are things that Shepard says that I don't think my Shepard would say. They also seem to have made this a way more action-y game, which isn't a big deal because the ME games weren't really RPGs to me, but the action game mindset can be seen in the cutscenes between gunfights.  Other than that I'm enjoying myself. The story does enough to keep me entertained so far. Also I put camo paint on my armor. Because that works well in space, right?
Besides beating Heavy Rain with my girlfriend and having a friend over to play Halo and Catherine, which I've barely got into, that's about all I've been playing! Here's some non-gaming related stuff. 
  • This year's DC101 Chili Cook Off has been announced! This year bands like Incubus and Cake are playing. Which makes me excited! Incubus is alright, but I'm most excited for fucking Cake. They're an awesome band. I'm going with my girlfriend and dad, so I think this year should be tons of fun!
  • School is...meh. Not fun. Spring break is around the corner, though, but I'm going to Georgia for Spring break, which I won't really expect to enjoy.
Other than that, not much else going on! Peace out, cool cats! 


Beware The Ides Of March: The End Of Whiskey Media


 Everyone knows about the madness that's going on with Giant Bomb and the rest of the Whiskey sites. Giant Bomb and Comic Vine has been sold to CBS Interactive, and the rest of the sites (Screened, Tested, and Anime Vice) was sold to BermanBraun. Everyone has their own opinion on this, but I think that we can all agree that it's super unexpected and fucking weird. 

 After thinking about it for a little bit, though, I felt pretty excited. I'm excited about the fact that Giant Bomb is going to have a shit load of resources to do pretty much whatever they want. I'm excited that they're getting the Gamespot offices full of awesome tech that they can mess with. And I'm really happy about the fact that they still (supposedly) have full control of the content, so (hopefully) we don't get another Kane and Lynch on our hands. The staff have access to a ton of resources, and if they truly have as much freedom as they did before, then this site will be even better than before.

 One downside that I'm still kind of upset about is the fact that this marks the end of Whiskey Media, both as a brand and a family. I really respected how each site was integrated and together with all of the Happy Hours and office videos and such. It was so much fun to watch this company grow and develop and I'm really sad to see it all go. I wish there was some last goodbye video or something, like at the end of the Big Live Shows, but I guess you can't get everything you want. This also means we won't ever see Rorie's puppy segment again. Sadface.

 Also...what the fuck is up with Tested, man? Shit's gone weird over there. I like the Mythbusters, but I am worried that Will and Norm won't get the credit they deserve and will be pushed in the background to make room for Jamie and Adam. I really hope things get better over there, because right now it seems that way. I'm also worried about the future of Screened since Alex Navarro left that site to work full time on Giant Bomb. I would hate to see that site go since that site was one of the things that got me back into watching movies and TV and such.

So, yeah. That's pretty much what I think of this stuff so far. We definitely have to wait and see what happens as time goes on to get a clear sense of what's really happening, but so far I think it could be pretty cool.   


  Also, not posting this to the forums. Probably should've done that to begin with, but oh well.


I haven't written a blog on here in a long time.

Hey, guys. It's been a long while since I wrote a blog on Giant Bomb. And although I do spent many hours of my week watching quick looks and listening to the Bombcast, I hardly pay any attention to the community anymore, and I can think of a few reasons why. I don't really like posting on forums that much anymore. I still do participate every now and them, but it's few and far between and there are few topics I see on the boards that I ever really care about. Plus, I just haven't been playing as much games anymore. I mean, I still play at least once a week, but I'm not as passionate about playing them as I was before. But, regardless, I felt like it was worth it to update this blog just in case anyone cares, so here's some stuff that I've been doing and things that have been happening since I last posted.

  • I bought three games recently, The Beatles: Rock Band, Jak and Daxter Collection, and Rayman Origins. I bought Beatles because it was five bucks at Gamestop, Rayman because it was 20 bucks on President's Day weekend, and Jak and Daxter because I fucking love those games. But I've hardly been playing them! I've been playing Rayman the most out of all of them, because every time I play it I get really hooked. The controls are great, the game looks amazing, and the music pretty awesome.
  • I got a girlfriend! I used to be one of those dumb kids who was like "LIFE SUX NO ONE WILL LOVE ME." I moved on from that phase a while ago, though, and started not caring about my relationship status. And then I met my girlfriend and all the jigsaws just fell into place. So, yeah. I know a majority of the people who happen to be reading this don't care, but she's awesome and means a lot to me. Plus, it's my blog, I get to write about whatever I want. She and I have been playing Heavy Rain together, and it just reminds me of how neat of a concept that game has. It's also fun to see her guessing who the killer is when I know who it is. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE AND SPOIL IT IN THE COMMENTS.
  • I've been getting more and more into music lately, specifically Radiohead. I won't go into deep discussion about anything music related here simply because everyone's opinion about music is different and everyone has their tastes.

    ...Radiohead's fucking awesome, though.
  • School has Boring, regular old school. I guess the only thing remotely interesting is that I've been taking Behind The Wheel, which is the driving course our school offers. I've been learning quite a few things in it and it's nice to get away from school campus for a little bit and just drive.

Well, I guess that's about it. I appreciate those who are reading this, whether I know you from the past or you have no idea who I am. Either way, thanks and take care. Hit me up in the comments section if you have any questions or comments for me!


The Blog Post Of Wonder

Hi Giantbomb folks, it's been a while since I've updated this blog here. A lot of stuff has happened since I last wrote, though I don't really have time to write about all of it. Here's the jist of what I've been up to in bullets!

  • I (Sort Of) Got A Job - I get paid $10 a week for taking out my neighbor's dog in the afternoon so he would run around and pee in their backyard and such. I'm no longer broke! I can actually buy video games with my own money now, which is good because the Blockbuster I used to rent video games from closed down.
  • I Bought, Played, And Finished L.A. Noire - I bought the game a few weeks ago and it didn't take me too long to finish it. I did enjoy it for the most part, but by the end of it I was tried of the gameplay and I thought that the ending wasn't that good. Also, this funny thing happened to me when I was playing it. (I didn't die, I kind of wish I did though.)
  •  Do The Mario - My sister got New Super Mario Bros. for her birthday a month ago and I've been playing that with her occasionally too. It's pretty fun, and it makes me wonder where all the platformers went. (Speaking of platformers, Rayman Origins looks siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick)
  • I Went To A Foo Fighters Concert - It was fucking amazing. There were moments of that concert were I was just a few yards away from Dave Grohl. I got a seat close to the side of the stage, so whenever he went stage right he'd be like right in front of me! (And yes, he's even sexier in person. Especially when he's rocking the hell out!) Also, they played for like 3 hours, which is pretty bad ass. Here's some pictures I took.
  • Skyrim Is Out - And I don't have it yet. I haven't really been interested in it until recently, when I watched the quick look. It looks pretty awesome, so I think when I have enough money (which will be in the next week or so) I'll buy it. I need a new game that I can sink hours into. Also, giants.
  • School - It's school. It's fine. But chemistry class feels like hell because our teacher is terrible and she makes everything difficult. But other than that, it's been okay.
So yeah, that's about it! I'm glad to be playing more games than I was during the summer, and I'm excited about the holidays coming around the corner. 
Until next time. Good luck and have Batman,