Blog: Rock Band Blitz, "Vacationing" in NY, and Gaming Withdraws

I'm writing this blog in my grandma's house. It is extremely hot outside, and this house has no air conditioning, only fans. I am sweating like a motherfucker while using my laptop, while my other family members, all adults, are outside having a barbecue. The one person in the family who I actually get along with the most, my youngest aunt, is at work. This is how I spend my last Saturday night of the summer. Queens, New York. But before we drove up here, I played some video games.  

I bought Rock Band Blitz on the day of release because some dudes on Twitter said I should buy that instead of Sound Shapes. And they were probably right, because once I started playing Rock Band Blitz, I couldn't stop. I just couldn't. What's a Persona? I don't know. The only game that exists to me is Rock Band Blitz.  
But seriously, the game is really fun and it's feels very well put together. As someone who is very bored with the traditional Rock Band gameplay, Rock Band Blitz seems very smart. It imports all of your Rock Band stuff, Rock Band stuff that I once considered deleting off of my hard drive because it just took up so much space. But having that stuff is all worth it, and it just makes me want to go buy more Rock Band DLC to play in Rock Band Blitz. I even want to export those Rock Band 2 tracks to play in there too, by borrowing a friend's copy of Rock Band 3. Rock Band Blitz is a really good idea to get people to use their Rock Band songs again, and it may get people, like me, to buy even more songs. Great move, Harmonix, now all of my money will go down the drain because of Rock Band Blitz. 
It's very hard to explain why Rock Band Blitz is fun to me. To me, it's something you need to play by yourself to see if it's really for you, because I find watching other people playing it to be boring. So if you're interested but not sure about it, I recommend checking out that demo. 
So being here in New York led me to miss playing games, specifically Persona 3 and 4. Persona 3, especially. I really want to play that game again. Looking at the page for Persona 3 FES, there were social links that I just straight up didn't even know were in the damn game. Like that monk hanging out at the club? I didn't even know there were people worth talking to in there! So...yeah. New Game+, here I come! Eventually! Between school and homework and all the other games I want to get to, it might be hard. 
I also played Jak II to a point where I didn't want to play it anymore because this difficulty is insane and the checkpoints in that game are just stupid. If I were to play more, I think my controller would be out the window. I heard Jak III was easier, so I just looked up the ending to Jak II online and started playing Jak III. Can't really say much about it because I only played about 15-30 minutes, but it looks great in HD and it already seems way more interesting than Jak II. 
So yeah, that's about it. We're heading back to Virginia tomorrow night and school starts on September 4th. Summers was too damn short. Kinda looking forward to school, though, just to see friends and my girlfriend. But that's really it. Until next time, duders.