Mission Failed: Episode 7 - The Underwater Podcast

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 Yep. That's where we recorded.
 Yep. That's where we recorded.

EDITOR'S NOTE - The reason why this episode is titled The Underwater Podcast is because I messed up and forgot to check the bitrate of the recording, which resulted in us sounding like we are underwater. It is listenable to some extent though, so enjoy it!

Find the inner strength to deal with this week's episode, where you'll find Danny rapping aboot Modern Warfare prestiege anticipation and the goodness of Toy Story 3, Ryan talking about his escapades as a Persian soverign-to-be and his failed suicide mission, Nick yelling about his fights in the cold, unforgiving future of 2142 with trusty AaoxHawk by his side, and Ben getting turned on... Naturally, only to promptly receed into disgust and disdain! And you can get all of this AND MORE for four easy payments of 19.99 loonies! British Pounds Sterling and United States Dollars not accepted.

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Outro Music -  Donkey Kong 64 Rap