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@Kbm600 said:

" Was she good looking? "

I was not in the class period where she did it. Is she good looking? I guess if you're into Spanish ladies., I don't think she has that big of boobs. 
Also, important to note that this news comes weeks after she passed out during class.
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So, something happened in my school recently. It involves my crazy as hell Spanish teacher. At the beginning of the week, she left school early because she went home to her sick kid. The next day, I didn't see her in my class period. (I have her in 4th period) We had a substitute teacher. That same day it was said that she came to school during 6th period with her child. And, I guess, she started breast feeding him. As expected, kids told their parents and now my teacher has been suspended until further notice, and the decision to terminate her is soon to be made. 
One thing I find kind of weird is that her kid is four years old. Now, I hardly know anything about this kind of stuff but....why would be breast feeding your child at that age?  
Now, the best part of all this, your thoughts. What the hell do you people of Giantbomb think about this? 
Update - So yeah, my teacher is not fired. She was here today. Business was as usual...craziness. /sadface

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I don't think so. least with demos.

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@Huey2k2 said:
" @KaosAngel said:
Keep it PS3 exclusive (more than likely will if it only releases in Japan) so nothing holds you back!  "
Why would it need to be a PS3 exclusive? That's stupid, you're just needlessly trolling. "
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@xobballox said:
" @Snail said:
" This post is fail, sorry.  So Sony blatantly copied motion controls. Amazing, Microsoft blatantly copied the Miis and is using motion technology as well, I don't see you bitching. You should be glad Sony is bringing you the Wii HD all Nintendo fanboys have been crying about for the last 4 years.  So big companies copy each other, welcome to the industry. And don't dare call me a sony fanboy. If anything I am a PC fanboy, I am just speaking for a company that does not deserve the bashing it is receiving. "
Yeah, people really need to stop all the hatred when they don't even know what it's going to be like. "
They've already showed just about everything that it's going to be like.
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Exactly. Thank you for that awesome post, sir.

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Coheed and Cambria is pretty good.

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My mind is not totally blown.

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Test site? meh

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