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Yeah, a stupid stepfather leaves a fucking loaded handgun in front of a three year old and you blame fucking video games for her death. 
That's just stupid.

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" @Metal_Gear_Sunny: for some reason most of your links aren't working "
Fixed. =)
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" MGS4 "
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Here's a blog about video games. No introductions. GO!

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

 Last night I had a sleep over with a few of my friends. One of them brought this game. At first I wasn't interested in it, but when we got bored we popped this in and it was actually really fun. There are tons of games on here, but some of them are downright stupid. Like  Columns, for example. That game is crap. If I wanted to play Tetris, I would. Also,   Ecco. I never got that game. You're a dolphin talking to other dolphins and eating fish...that's all I got out of it. But there are some great games, like   Sonic the Hedgehog,   Comix Zone, and   Vectorman on here that really make me want to buy this.   And it's only $20. That is not a bad deal at all. I have $60 from birthday money, and it's no doubt that some of it is going into this collection. This game also acknowledges Ash's existence, which is awesome. 


Battlefield Bad Company 2

 One of my favorite shooters from this generation was the first Bad Company. This one, so far, seems better than the first gameplay wise. But I don't like the fact that they pretty much took the whole Battlefield gameplay and made the controls exactly like Call Of Duty. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but can't you be more original? The characters in this game, so far, seem more serious. They do have the same personality and such, but I'm hearing less crazy jokes. But then again, I'm only three hours in, and I don't know if the story stuff gets any better. I have not yet had the chance to play multiplayer, but I heard it was good. 

This is just sad, Giantbomb.

 The reason why there is no images in this blog.
What the hell?
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Whoa what!?

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I second this.

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Whoa 500 errors causing double posts!

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Artist - Foo Fighters 
Song - M.I.A. 
Genre - Alternative Rock

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Great feature!!