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Ah, I was wondering why this wasn't on iTunes yet. Great, now I get to see your faces...

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@jouseldelka said:

I hate to be a downer but I don't know what you're talking about.

For years I never felt that this guy or his crew gave a fuck about their community, they just do their thing being funny and/or talking shit for our pleasure and they make a living from it and it's great entertainment, but they neither "steer" the community nor really interact with it, outside of the occasional game conference, and they act pretty awkwardly and briefly with their fans on those. When this "community" sends them food, drinks and expensive shit, they act like they're forced to go through them, and they barely say thank you.

I'm sorry, you just sound delusional. This has always felt like a one-way mirror type deal between this community and the site's staff, I mean he doesn't even post on his site's own forums, so I'm pretty sure he missed your heartfelt "thank you."

But I appreciate your sentiment as a fellow site user, always nice to see people say nice things.

Okay, site member who's only been here for a few months. For starters, just because the staff doesn't post on the forums doesn't mean that they don't look at it. From what I heard from friends that go to PAX, those guys are extremely friendly and approachable. Maybe you missed features like Question of the Week, where they experimented with the community to produce video content, maybe you missed the Endurance Runs where they play a whole fucking game, start to finish, for entertainment, maybe you missed TNT where they played multiplayer games with the community, maybe you missed the MMO features where they joined in on an ending MMO and interact with the community there, maybe you missed the fact that they always plug Giant Bomb communities and organizations in games, maybe you missed the days of the red phone where people can call into the office, maybe you missed the premium streams where they had members call into the show and asked questions in a chill atmosphere, maybe you missed the fact that the crew occasionally appeared on community-run podcasts, maybe you missed the 3 hour Bombcasts they do just because so many people listen to it, maybe you missed the time where they had a link to the Giant Bomb Community song on the front page for years, maybe you missed the part where the whole big wiki is dependent on the community, maybe you missed the part where they tried doing a subscription service before selling to CBS, or maybe you missed their reactions to the community's mourning of Ryan Davis and continual support of the site.

I don't know how long you've been following Giant Bomb, I just know that you're wrong.

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I think it's fucking awesome. More power to them!

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@rowr: LCD screen instead of OLED, buttons look slightly different, 1 GB of built-in memory (original Vita had none), slightly more battery life and it's apparently lighter.

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@aegon said:
@oscar__explosion said:

It's not going to be any cheaper then $200 when it comes to here. Why would it be?

Because the newer model is made of cheaper material?

Yeah, so the cost of production can go down and they can make more of a profit on it. They're not going to lower the price. They did the same thing with the "super slim" PS3s.

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Ubisoft choose to release it the same month of GTA, they pretty much set it up for failure anyway.

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I just thought the ending was Jeff not really knowing what to say at end the panel.

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This is why i like Rockstar/Take 2 They take a shit ton of risks in their games and do not play it safe unlike some other companies (Activision).

This isn't a risk for them though. GTA is gigantic, the last one sold 25 million copies. It's CoD level of popularity. The difference is Actvision likes pumping the well until it dries up. Take 2 want GTA as their golden boy for as long as possible. It's a series that's been around for nearly 17 years and will probably last another 17. CoD will never last that long. Believe it or not the current day CoD(MW1 and beyond) has only been around for 6 years. It feels like 16 though.

No, but as a publisher, this is why games like Bioshock Infinite, X-COM, or Spec Ops gets made. They got dat GTA money.

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Ah, so it looks pretty much the same.