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He doesn't allude to too much SonyArmageddon thread stuff.

This was something he did in the previous episode.

Actually, if you're referring to the video I think you are it was confirmed by other people at REV3 that Adam recorded that BEFORE he started tweeting all his cryptic bullshit.

Hmm. Guess that's pretty ironic, then.

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He doesn't allude to too much SonyArmageddon thread stuff.

This was something he did in the previous episode.

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no ads on premium version

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You know what? Good on her. This is fucking stupid.

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I honestly wish he would host every week.

And have Patrick Skype in every week...

eh whatever

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Kinda reminds me when of Giant Bomb first launched, people were posted that they came here because they were banned from Gamespot. Dear god, I hope that doesn't happen again.

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and no one gets annoyed by Jeff says "Dems the rules" a billion times

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@believer258 said:

Ratchet could end up on Xbox?

So that means Ratchet could end up on PC?

What the fuck are you waiting for, Insomniac? I will buy all of the Ratchet games out of pure nostalgia despite knowing that I'll only play them for an hour before realizing that I got tired of this formula years ago!

Sony owns the ratchet IP. So no. I mean, if they ever lose the IP/sell it, then he is right. But, from my understanding, the only way it could happen now is if sony allowed it to happen

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@believer258: The guy misspoke. Sony own all 1st and 2nd party IP ever developed for their platforms. The reason being is they lost Crash Bandicoot and Spyro I think when Universal Studio was bought out by Vivendi which now also own Activision. One dissolved into the other and so Activision has creative control over those IP(at least til they buy themselves out I assume). Although Sony only published the games, the entire series collectively still sold 40 million copies. Since then Sony own's every property they touch.

This is the impression that I've been under for ages. Got my damn hopes up and everything.

Well, I mean, they did put out HD versions of those games on PS3.

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Not enough premium content! Too much premium content! I just like to complain!

Where did TNT go?

Where is my common sense?



Still can't find it!

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@pandabear said:

@metalgearsunny said:


This isn't me joking or trying to be edgy or something, I want you to know that you are a truly awful person. Not just some internet troll level shit, you are a fundamentally bad and selfish person. Show some respect.

Getting angry at people in a thread about complaining about less premium content because Ryan Davis passed away.

Yeah, I'm selfish.

@bocam: @the_nubster: I think the fact that this thread exists is absolutely ridiculous and I feel the idea of complaining about less content with a site that is now understaffed due to tragic consequences is ultimately the most disrespectful thing about this.